6 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Sports Website 2021

Everyone deserves to spend their time doing what they love. If you love sports, starting a sports website or you already have an established site, for you to be successful you need to be able to drive traffic to your site. There is no one decision for all strategies for driving traffic to your website. Your online visitors can land on your site in a variety of ways, whether it’s from search engines such as Google or Bing or even a friend’s referral. Just how Kemba Walker was the key in Celtics win over the pacers, SEO is key in driving traffic to your website. A excellent and affordable web hosting provide will help you get an edge over your competition. Hosting Foundry has the best ones that can help choose the right one. Regardless of the competitors out there, here a few ways you can implement to drive more traffic to your site and rank higher on search engines.

6 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Sports Website 

Feb 23, 2021; Port Charlotte, Florida, USA; Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Chris Mazza (57) takes infield practice on the first day of full squad workouts during spring training at Charlotte Sports Park. Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

1. Optimize your website for Search Engines

The first step in building a strong foundation on your website is finding relevant keywords that represent your niche. With the right keywords, your sports blog can have the biggest impact on driving traffic to your website. We all know that SEO plays a vital role in optimizing your website so that search engines can rank you amongst your biggest competitors. 

There are several ways to make your blogs SEO-friendly such as targetted keywords, meta titles and descriptions, targeting the right audience, and so on. You can also submit your site to search engines to crawl and index your site, increasing your odds of appearing on results pages for relevant queries. 

2. Keep Content Fresh and Up-to-date

Every sports website needs to keep its content fresh and up-to-date to drive more traffic to your website. By strategically adding content to your website, you will be able to garner more attention from users by providing the right content at the right time. You can also update your old content webpages so that your content remains relevant. You can also focus on evergreen content, the kind that can live forever on the web, and that time won’t make irrelevant. Understanding user intent is essential, so make sure that you offer a variety of content such as wins and losses, transfer market news, different sports, and even behind the scene glimpses with what’s happening in the lives of the players or teams. 

Not only does it help with SEO, but it also helps attract and retain visitors, and even grow your social media following! One quick and easy way to drive more traffic to your blog is to start collecting emails for a blog newsletter. Once you have gained their details, you can send them weekly or monthly emails featuring your best posts. This is a great way to retain visitors back again to your website.

3. Build Backlinks 

Backlinks are another important component of SEO. By earning backlinks for your content, you are able to reach out to more users on the internet. Backlinks are linking pages from other authoritative and relevant sites as sources on your page. You can earn backlinks by reaching out to applicable sites within your industry and requesting that they link to you. When an external site links to your site, it sends positive signals to  search engines that your site is trustworthy and this helps increase your ranking on search result pages. 

Feb 27, 2021; Glendale, Arizona, USA; Colorado Avalanche right wing Mikko Rantanen (96) makes the puck against Arizona Coyotes right wing Clayton Keller (9) during the third period at Gila River Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

4. Social Media Linking

Creating social media profiles is great to drive traffic to your website. When your account is ready, you can create and post high-quality content on your social platforms to attract followers. Once you have established a good number of followers, you can link your website to your profiles, when they click on it they will arrive at your blog or your website pages. The same tactic can be applied to your blogs, you can link your social media profiles. Since social media is taking up nearly a third of the average user’s Internet time, it’s a fantastic resource for driving higher website traffic.

5. Alt Text Images and Videos

Keywords play a critical role when it comes to alternative image text as well. Add relevant keywords to your images on display on your website. Make sure your the keywords on your image are in context with the data on the page as a whole. Likewise, video content is proven more effective than text on your website. Adding relevant keywords and optimizing them will help you reach a wider audience. With creative and informative visuals, you will be able to transmit the right message in a short amount of time. Construct a video site map of your most featured videos that will allow crawlers to find your content much easier.

6. Mobile-friendly

Mobile phones are now more popular than ever. The number of people using smartphones to connect, get informed, and navigate the Internet is growing by the hour. For your website to be successful in today’s day and age, a mobile-friendly site is just what is needed to garner more traffic to your site. Search engines value a website that has great speed, meta titles, and descriptions, readability, and much more. So it is important to optimize your mobile-friendly site with the right structure and design to enhance user experience. Because the more people flock to your site, the more positive signals are sent to Google and other search engines.

With people accessing website pages through their mobile phones, it is likely they will search your social media handles. You can link your website on your social media profiles to direct people to your website and likewise, you can link your social media channels on your website to gain followers.

These six tips should help you drive more traffic to your website this year! Utilize these tips as the starting point for a successful and highly searchable website.