8 Ways Your Website Content May Be Hurting Your Business (and How to Fix Them)

Approximately three out of four consumers use the internet at least once a month to find local businesses, according to data collected by BrightLocal in its 2018 Local Consumer Review Survey. Additionally, 27% of the respondents reported conducting this type of search every single day, though this number increases to 54% for searchers in the ages 18 to 34 range.

The question is: when these potential customers — the people who are actively searching for your products and services — visit your website, is the content it contains compelling them to make a purchase, or is it doing the opposite and driving them away?

Answering this requires taking a close-up, honest look at your current site to consider whether it is effectively attracting and converting your leads. But what is it that you’re looking for?

While a number of factors can ultimately impact your ability to draw visitors in and create a positive user experience, a good place to start is with these eight issues, all of which can ultimately hurt your business.

1. It contains spelling or other word-related errors

If your website isn’t up to par with simple spelling and grammar, it can cause visitors to lose respect for your brand. Because these types of errors are so easy to correct, not doing so makes your company look sloppyor lazy. It’s also a sign that you don’t take your business seriously enough to make sure the content is correct.

A simple fix for eliminating spelling and word-related errors is to hire an editor to go over your content word for word. Alternatively, ask a few members of your management team to comb through all your pages, looking for any issues that jump out to them.

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