‘Apex Legends’ Invitation and Passcode Holospray Locations on Kings Canyon and Olympus

‘Apex Legends’ Invitation and Passcode Holospray Locations on Kings Canyon and Olympus

Apex Legends Season 9 is just a few weeks away, so Respawn has begun teasing the upcoming Battle Pass with a cryptic group of challenges. Are you curious about what those “invitation required” symbols on the map mean? Want to know where to find Holosprays on Kings Canyon and Olympus? We’ve got you covered with all the maps and steps you need.

Invitation Required – How to get an Invitation to the Season 9 teaser

If you’ve seen the “invitation required” message pop up in recent games of Apex Legends, you may be wondering where to find one. To get an invitation, last through the latter rounds of a match until Care Packages become available. When you open the package, three small tablets are guaranteed to pop out. Pick up one of the tablets, because they’re your invitation to start the teaser. It will allow you to scan the Holosprays scattered across Olympus and Kings Canyon.

‘Apex Legends’ Invitation and Passcode Holospray Locations on Kings Canyon and Olympus
‘Apex Legends’ Season 9 teasers have players searching for Invitations and Passcode Holosprays. In this guide, we reveal all locations and explain what it means. ‘Apex Legends’ is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.
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When you go back to the lobby, you’ll see a small tablet icon next to your stats and friends list. Click it, and you’ll get the following message from Ash:

“If fame and fortune is all you seek, Legend, your path ends here. But a new challenge awaits those who wish to prove their worth in the Arena.”

You’ll then see a message that says, “Decrypt the Passcode: New Challenges Unlocked.”

The challenges tell you to decrypt three Passcode Holosprays each on Kings Canyon and Olympus.

Passcode Holospray Locations

Invitation in hand, you can now begin interacting with the large number of Passcode Holosprays scattered across Kings Canyon and Olympus. Thankfully, Apex Legends leaker Shrugtal was quick to create a location map for all Holospray locations on both maps. It’s embedded in the tweet below. For those who prefer text direction, we’ll describe some of the locations in list format.

Corrupted Keycards are now available from lootbins (?) and care packages.

“Data Holospray” spawn points are mapped out here for both maps, with the purple circles. Sorry, didn’t have a way to put nice big markers on, so you’ll have to open and zoom in to see the circles. pic.twitter.com/n9xNkn8SkS

— Shrugtal (@shrugtal) April 16, 2021

Kings Canyon

  • On the western edge of the map, directly west of Airbase.
  • On the northern side of Runoff.
  • In the middle of the Pit.
  • On the bridge in Bunker.
  • Near the buildings south of Labs.
  • In the southwest corner of Hydro Dam.
  • In the northeast corner of the Rig.
  • On the eastern side of Swamps, close to the border of the map.


  • The top of Hammond Labs.
  • The middle building in Estates.
  • In the middle of Grow Tower.
  • On the southwest side of Turbine.
  • On the western side of the Rift.
  • Northwest building of Bonsai Plaza.

Once you find and scan at least three Passcode Holosprays in each map, the last step of the teaser is expected to activate April 20. You’ll find a special platform in the back of the Firing Range to enter the Passcode, talk to Ash and be taken to the Arena. That’s all we know about the Apex Legends Season 9 teaser for now, but we’ll add more as this story develops.

Apex Legends is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

What are your thoughts on the Apex Legends Season 9 teaser so far? What do you hope to find at the Arena? Tell us in the comments section!