Can You Rank High on Google With a Small Website?

Today’s Ask an SEO question comes from Bryan in Ohio. Bryan asks:

“I have a six-page website. Is it possible to rank very high on Google?”

Hi Bryan, it’s a great question.

Yes, you can rank a small website (even a website with only a few pages) high in Google.

The largest obstacle with smaller websites is that you do not have as much of an ability to create an internal linking structure, and if none of the pages are link-worthy you won’t be able to pass that authority through.

That doesn’t mean you cannot do it — you just have to be strategic.


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Let’s break down what you can do to achieve high search rankings for a small website.

Tips for Ranking Small Websites in Search

Map out keyword and topic groups for each page that you want the pages to show up for. Now create copy that will benefit the person searching by providing them with a solution.

You may want to consider adding relevant FAQs and comparison tables to the pages if they are needed.

Add supporting images, charts, videos, and other data items that enhance the user experience and beef up the copy when relevant. Just make sure that these don’t slow your page down too much.


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Defer anything that blocks the page from being able to render and fix any CLS shifts. Be sure to check out:

  • Pixels.
  • Analytics.
  • Plugins.

Compress all images and files as best as you can.

Remove any excess code including:

  • Fonts.
  • Javascripts.
  • Images.
  • Backgrounds.
  • Plugins and apps.

Add schema libraries to define each page and the elements that exist within the page.

Build backlinks to your homepage through brand mentions as a way to build authority. Pass that authority from the homepage with internal links to your other five pages.

Try to find some PR stunts that are directly relevant to your business and will make your site “mention” worthy (not link-worthy).

Skip on gimmicks like scholarships and guest posting.  You want quality links.

If you’re a local business or website, register your business with Google My Business and keep it updated.

Growing Your Website May Be a Better Solution

The above tips are great if you want to keep your website small.


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But I have to ask, is that your only option?

Small websites can be good if you only want to hand out a business card, but there is no real reason other than bandwidth to keep it small.

You could add a blog and share relevant topics and info. It may be wise to add more service-oriented niche pages and better answers to common questions by expanding the pages into a category.

If you’re a service provider or event space, keeping a record and sharing what the space looks like season after season and year after year can help to show you’re still an “it” spot and build consumer confidence.


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This also expands your opportunities to rank for “wedding venues in XY city” or “event spaces in XY city.”

I don’t really see any reason to plan on keeping a small website if the goal is company growth through digital marketing.

If you can expand, go for it. There are plenty of search ranking and customer experience benefits to growing your site alongside your business.

I hope this answers your question and thank you for reading!

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