Creating a Storm Via Short Videos

Launched in April 2020 by Shivank Agarwal, Mitron TV’s intent is to provide a user-friendly homegrown short-video platform to support, showcase and elevate local talent

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While 2020 saw a lot of pauses in many sectors and industries, it was the short-video platforms that emerged as the fastest-growing segment. The rise in the consumption of content in 2020 was also the rise of innovation and creativity. Mitron TV app emerged as an engaging community of like-minded creators and users.

Launched in April 2020, with the intent to provide a user-friendly homegrown short-video platform to support, showcase and elevate the local talent across the nation while providing short-form entertainment to Indian smartphone users, the platform endeavor to expand its videos beyond entertainment. The company has created over 15 content categories, which allows users to browse content based on their choice.

The chief executive officer and co-founder of the indigenous short-video sharing app Mitron TV, Shivank Agarwal, told Entrepreneur India, “While foreign players such as TikTok were gaining a stronghold in the country by providing short-video content, there were no significant Indian counterparts to provide such a platform for talented content creators. That’s when we decided to provide a very own Indian platform for Indians.”

Agarwal blissfully gleamed while talking about his unique concept that stands tall and stated, “Mitron TV has clocked over 40 million downloads. We have launched various awareness and festival led campaigns. For instance, we have associated with Oncostem Diagnostic for the ‘Breast Awareness campaign’. As a social media platform, it’s our responsibility to spread awareness on social concerns for a healthy society.”

The interactive short-video creation and sharing platform maintains that in July, the establishment has raised seed funding of INR 2 crore from 3one4 Capital and LetsVenture syndicate list led by Arun Tadanki, and in August, it raised $5 million in a Series A funding round led by Nexus Venture Partners.

The 33-year-old entrepreneur shared, “To contribute towards the Indian government’s initiative of AtmaNirbhar Bharat, we launched AtmaNirbhar Apps and has witnessed over 75,000 downloads in the last two months with more than 75,000 downloads on Google Play Store. Through this initiative, we want to promote homegrown technology and boost Indian developers. Today, Atmanirbhar Apps hosts more than 500 Indian applications. We want to build a platform for micro-entrepreneurs where they can monetize as well as learn.”

The short-video sharing platform purveyor further maintains that their next trigger for growth is its creators. He believes that growth comes only when users of the platform are happy and achieving key milestones.

The co-founder claims that there has been a noticeable change in consumption and viewing patterns. The growth in technology infrastructure and low data packs has played a pivotal role in this change. From a creation perspective also, it is hassle-free and easy to conceptualize and is not afraid to champion social media as the best medium to reach a larger crowd in a very short period of time as the virality quotient is very high.

“Mitron TV is the app for the content creators across the country to spread their content to the lakhs of users. We expect to build a large pool of users on the platform and provide them with much more than just entertainment. We are also working continuously on onboarding talented influencers across the country and help them monetize their content through seamless brand integrations,” he further revealed.

Shivank Agarwal made it to the list of Entrepreneur India’s 35Under35 list of 2021.