September 29, 2022


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Diginex: Impact Technology for Scaling ESG and Sustainability

Gray Bridges, Chief Technology Officer at Diginex says that currently, only the largest companies in the world are able to undertake ESG reporting:

“ESG reporting requires consultants coming in to assess what you should report on, help you define what you will report on, help you gather the data and construct and publish the report. What we’ve aimed to do is disrupt that and do everything the consultants do using the power of technology.”

Miles Pelham, Founder and Chairman at Diginex says that their product, Diginex ESG, makes ESG reporting easier, affordable and faster, effectively putting the ability to manage ESG into the hands of “Mom-and-pop shops, coffee shops, all those that want to report on ESG. The price point makes it accessible.”

Andrew Steel, Managing Director at Fitch, who have partnered with Diginex, comments “The analysis we produce is all about human insights, collaboration and rigour and we saw that in Diginex – we felt that in terms of trying to tackle this significant problem about quality and consistency of data Diginex really have an innovative solution.”

Other products include Diginex Lumen, which enables businesses to track complex supply chains to tackle modern slavery and Diginex Climate, which helps corporates monitor and manage their carbon footprint.

Such products look great in the showroom, but it takes real-world experience to refine them for use in the market. To achieve this, Diginex has partnered with major players in global industries to ensure that they are answering genuine needs. One particularly successful partnership has been with the product tanker company, Hafnia.

Mikel Skov, CEO at Hafnia says that in a complex industry, technology is essential in the pursuit of a better future for the planet:

“Sustainability reporting and innovating towards decarbonisation are two very important factors for Hafnia. As a market leader in the industry, our goal is to be at the forefront of supporting and promoting decarbonisation at the same time as transporting all the resources that are needed to sustain the world.”

This partnership has produced results that will be felt throughout the shipping world. Jessica Camus, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Diginex, says that the strong relationship between Diginex and Hafnia has produced innovations that can be deployed by businesses across the spectrum.

For Gray Bridges, technologies such as Blockchain are reaching maturity just as we need them the most, “Blockchain technology is allowing people to have a level of trust that the previous generation didn’t need. It’s providing facts to people who then don’t need to wonder if what they are buying is legitimate or ethical. They know it is. And that’s what technology is helping. ”