Disk Defragmentation – How to Free Up Disk Space?

As using computer for a period of time, it is unavoidable that the computer is crammed with a pile of useless files. It is really annoying because they lead to slow computer performance.

Here, I would like to introduce how to free up disk space by disk defragmentation.

First of all, let us see what disk cleaning tool can do for your computer:

It can delete the Internet temporary files and the downloaded program files, clean up the recycle bin, and remove the installed programs and available Windows components which are not used any more.

Among them, Internet temporary files can occupy a large number of spaces, because the browser may cache every website page you have visited in order to speed up the later visits.

Now, let us start to free up disk space by cleaning up disk.

Click “Start”, point to “All Programs”- “Accessories”- “System Tools”, and then click “Disk Clean”. If there are many drives, you are prompted to select the drives you need to clean in the “Select Drive” dialog box.

And, you can scroll to find the files you want to delete, and then click “OK” to remove those useless files. In several minutes, your computer can be much cleaner with higher performance.

Frankly speaking, although the disk cleaning program of windows is a good tool to free up the disk space, it really costs much time to complete the whole task. In this regard, you had better turn to other professional tool which can free up the space with only a few of clicks.

And, I recommend a defragmenter called Advanced Defrag, professional software that has been tested thousand of times with high performance and function in defragmentation. It is worth for you to have a try.

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