Dong-kyung and Myulmang get their happy ending, but how?

If episode 15 of Doom at Your Service was about learning to grieve and move on from loss, the finale of the show is about learning to cherish.

Doom at Your Service came to an end, leaving fans feeling bittersweet. Over the past many weeks, the show has built a fanbase with its stunning portrayal of angst. Many found the emotion relatable, especially in the face of failed or failing relationships.

While the show did introduce the main lead as a God, it did not have too many supernatural elements. Instead, it centered on the relationship between a God and a human who prayed to make a wish.

Does Doom at Your Service explain all loopholes?

So when the show came to an end too, it was with a simple episode. It was all fluff and more about tying up loose ends. However, not all loose ends were addressed.

For instance, the funeral scene of Myulmang from earlier episodes of Doom at Your Service was never explained. It was just said that he mourned someone who was like his mother. It was left to the fans to take what they wanted from it.

Of course, hardcore fans of the show believed the funeral was probably that of Sonyeoshin because she is the deity that created him. It is very similar to the scene in the finale where it is never explicitly stated that Myulmang was born after 100 days in Doom at Your Service.

A shot of the calendar that Dong-kyung (Park Bo-young) began marking from the day she began to live in the absence of Myulmang (Seo In-guk) hints at it.

How did Myulmang and Dong-kyung get a happy ending in Doom at Your Service?

Until the very last moment of the episode, most of the fans were anxious about the other shoe dropping. Meaning, the majority of the audience expected something bad to happen in the finale.

This is because the show had, until the very end, set up Dong-kyung and Myulmang for a sad ending. Even when Myulmang returned as Kim Saram, a human, fans’ most common question was “How?”

The audience had expected to find the answer in the finale. However, what they got was not what was expected. Seoyeoshin explained that Myulmang’s sacrifice served as the beginning of his rebirth as a human.

Turns out, the plan that she had tried to grow was a Cosmos, and Sonyeoshin said that this Cosmos was none other than Kim Saram. She allowed Myulmang to be reborn as a human in Doom at Your Service who could return to the love of his life Dong-kyung.

How did Sun-kyung and the others recognize Myulmang as human in Doom at Your Service?

Another question that fans had was about how Sun-kyung, Dong-kyung’s brother, recognized Myulmang as a human. Not only him, everyone who had met Myulmang before he was a human seemed to recognize him.

The question arose because to everyone else, he was a young man with blonde hair. However, at the moment in Doom at Your Service, Myulmang has ash black hair and also looks very different.

Not just the audience, even Dong-kyung and Myulmang were surprised. That is what saved this loophole from becoming a glaring mistake. This was explained as Sonyeoshin’s move.

Apparently, she had an eye for detail, which helped her alter the memories of humans that had come into contact with Myulmang when he was reborn in Doom at Your Service.

Who will help the Deity balance the world in Doom at Your Service?

Sonyeoshin needed Doom to ensure there was balance in the world. However, as of now there is no Myulmang and no mention of a replacement for him either. This question is one that was not addressed at all in the show and is probably one of the few flaws that limit the show