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03/04/2021, Toronto // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

When customers are restricted to stay at home for most of the time, they will rely on online information to get what they want. Under such circumstances, we can’t ignore the importance of SEO now. To help people understand SEO easily, Gilmedia want to shed light on the following questions:

What does SEO do for my business?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and its goal is to rank your website among the top results from Google search. Everyone of us has limited resources, knowledge and referrals. So whenever we need some information, we will use Google to help us. Now we don’t even type to search, we can just use voice command to ask. In this way, you can imagine the importance of getting your business on the first page of Google search results. People trust Google more than TV advertisements.

How long does it take to rank my page?

There is no definite answer to this question as SEO takes time to reveal results. The mission and goal from Google is to provide the most relevant and useful information for the audience, so have to work around Google’s algorithm to prove that your business is relevant. What makes it more complicated is that there are so many factors that are influencing the ranking. For example, the quality of your website and content, the updating frequency, the site map as well as outside links. Although it might sound overwhelming, SEO experts can always sort it out for your marketing project.

How to find a reliable SEO specialist?

First of all, you can try to get any referrals from your friends. If anyone has good experience with an established SEO team, he can help you save lots of time looking for a new one. If you don’t have any reliable resources, you need to be patient. Like we discussed before, SEO marketing takes time to get good results, so you don’t want to be stuck with an ineffective SEO team. That being said, you can search your local SEO agencies online, check their reviews, read their profiles and past projects. Most importantly, you need to talk to them to see if they have necessary expertise, proven techniques and effective communication skills. After all, you will work with him for a long time.

It will be nice to start any SEO effort as early as possible, so if you have started to think about investing in SEO marketing, you should plan immediately. In the modern business world, your competitors are also competing for the first position. Moreover, SEO is not only about organic search, it also incorporates paid ads and social media marketing. When you start to talk to your local SEO specialists, you will get a good idea of how much you should be budgeting for it.

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