How Sergio Salazar’s Staylisted Is Pioneering In The SEO And Digital Marketing Industry

How Sergio Salazar’s Staylisted Is Pioneering In The SEO And Digital Marketing Industry

As a crucial component
in the already saturated marketing industry today, SEO is a must for all small and large enterprises. SEO is not only about search engines but good SEO practices improve the user experience and usability of a website. Sergio Salazar’s Staylisted is an experienced digital Marketing Agency that provides efficient marketing solutions to promote a company through skilfully developed websites, local SEO services, and complete online marketing management. Enriched with decades of experience of Salazar, his agency provides an excellent answer to business needs. Salazar has developed Staylisted as a one-of-a-kind SEO Marketing Agency in Phoenix, Arizona, offering vast visibility focusing on thousands of micro and small enterprises. Based on the expertise of Salazar along with his experience and dedication, Staylisted would carefully promote brands and companies. His firm concentrated on small companies, particularly skilled trades. They supplied services that were expensive and well built. 

Sergio Salazar has over 20 years of experience working directly with small and medium-sized business owners. Before Staylisted, Salazar managed a successful e-commerce website design company for 6 years. His company serviced over 2500 businesses and it taught him about the needs and wants of small business owners as well as their spending patterns. In 2013, he realized that their niche was very small and for his company to grow, they would need to change their focus. Salazar discovered that many less-than-reputable marketing agencies charge high prices without offering fair results to their clients which thereby created a demand for result-oriented and cost-effective service without having it’s matching supply. At such a point, he decided to focus on marketing rather than web design services and thus, Staylisted was formed.

In the beginning,
Salazar had a very small staff, so most of the employees wore many hats.
Salazar helped with sales, account management, and fulfilment of many of the services. The customer base of Salazar’s firm grew very fast and they were able to hire more people in each department, which allowed them to focus more on providing a great customer experience. Over the next 5 years, their primary focus happened to be on customer satisfaction and creating a company culture that allowed team members to use their talents. During this time, their customer base grew even more rapidly and they made sure to tailor their products to better serve the customers.

With Staylisted, Salazar came up with an innovative solution to the dilemma of SEO. They meet business owners, discover their goals, and help them accomplish their goals. They discover the missing pieces and develop marketing approaches to help them meet their objectives. Not surprisingly, Salazar’s firm not only survived but also thrived throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2018, Staylisted received its first award from Inc Magazine. This award is for the top 5000 fastest growing companies in the US and since then, they have been awarded this title 4 years in a row now.

Under Salazar’s
guidance, they collaborated since their start with over 9,000 different clients to create Google My Business listings, websites, and citations for their customers and regularly report back on how they perform to make company owners more visible online. It allowed companies to reach the desired audience successfully and efficiently. They achieved great success at this tempo. In the most renowned INC 5000 rating, Staylisted is a part of a list of the most successful businesses in the most dynamic section of the American economy, independent companies. They are Google and Bing certified partners and ranked Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+. Salazar’s Staylisted also announced a new relationship with Yelp as a certified Yelp Ads Partner in 2018. This cooperation with Yelp has allowed customers with Yelp Ads to maintain and advertise their profile pages. With a 3-year growth rate, they grew by 135% successfully helping the businesses.

With many happy customers, Alfrid David from A D Pest Control stated, “I am not a computer whiz by any stretch of the imagination, but Harvey seemed really genuine in wanting to explain in detail how the program works, and things do not always happen as fast as one would like. Salazar’s dedication and expertise have expanded my services and I am sure as a result I will reap the benefits of new customers.” As their achievements advance, Salazar has started to support exceptional business students in business education through Staylisted Business Scholarship.