Is it really time to say goodbye to Seo In-guk? Here’s a fan theory that brings him back

Before the release of Doom at Your Service episode 15, fans wondered if this episode would really mark the end of Doom or Myulmang as we know him. Portrayed by Seo In-guk, this character has become one of the most loved characters in a melodrama.

With his sacrifice in Doom at Your Service, Dong-kyung, portrayed brilliantly by Park Bo-young, gets a new lease of life. In Doom at Your Service episode 15, we will how she adapts to life without him and the disease that she was diagnosed with.

She was heartbroken about his sacrifice, but she chose to accept his decision because he made it clear to her that any other outcome would also ensure that she forgot him, and her memories of him being wiped is not what he wanted.

This sacrifice is also important for Myulmang because this is his salvation. As Sonyeoshin has hinted multiple times, he was created for Dong-kyung and it was fated that he sacrificed himself for Dong-kyung to live. However, is there really no return for Myulmang in Doom at Your Service episode 15?

It is hard for fans to accept that this is the end for Myulmang, especially when the promo hints at the possibility of his reappearance in Doom at Your Service episode 15. When Dong-kyung struggles to live everyday to the fullest, and returns to Myulmang’s empty home, she clearly seems quite heartbroken.

She does attempt to mark her days without Myulmang, and as each day passes, she wonders if anything that involved her and Myulmang happened. The only proof that he was ever in her life is her memory.

She attempts to live a normal life for those around her. She tries to move on, in Doom at Your Service episode 15, by meeting her family for a meal, by going to work and doing things that Myulmang wanted her to enjoy.

What hints at Myulmang’s return in Doom at Your Service episode 15?

However, is she happy? Seo In-guk’s voice poses this question. It is also this voice in Doom at Your Service episode 15 that makes audiences wonder if he will indeed come back. After all, his sacrifice was meant to give Dong-kyung a chance at a fulfilled and happy life.

There is also a fan theory that Myulmang will return 100 days after his sacrifice, similar to his contract with Dong-kyung. Fans have also said that Dong-kyung marking days in the calender is a foreshadowing of this.

Why do some fans not want a happy ending in Doom at Your Service episode 15?

While Dong-kyung may be doing her best at the moment to gather all the pieces of her broken heart and move on, can she ever be happy again knowing what she does?

She is also not living the way Myulmang envisioned life for her, and this could also be the reason why he returns. There are also some fans who do not want a happy ending for the drama, as they believe that the show is themed around closing old chapters and opening new ones, moving forward in life.

So, if Myulmang were to return, will Dong-kyung move on? Doom at Your Service episode 15 will air on June 28th, at 9 pm Korean Standard Time, and can be streamed on Viki.