Latest Guest on “Running the Bases with Small Businesses” Podcast

Small businesses often have a tough life. Usually run by just one or two people, but it goes without saying the important place it has in the lives of the communities they are a part of. While today’s culture is marked by the multi-billion dollar eCommerce markets with only a few players covering more than 90% of the market, it has become increasingly difficult for small businesses to maintain their existence.

Running the Bases with Small Businesses

The elaborate challenges small business owners face continuously are daunting and, hence, it becomes important to talk about them. It is only fair that these businesses receive the attention, popularity, and business they so rightly deserve. That is why Randy Rohde from 38 Digital Market – a Digital Marketing Agency in Cleveland – started a podcast that would highlight small businesses for people to know, be aware of, and support those businesses.

Running The Bases With Small Businesses has the latest guest on its podcast – Dr. Ryan McKinnis, founder of the new eye care service Infinity Eye Care. Dr. McKinnis is known for his utmost passion and commitment with which he serves his families. Based in Twinsburg, OH, Infinity Eye Care’s mission is to provide personalized eye care to everyone who walks in.

Eyes are the gateway to one’s soul, they say. But eyes are also the window through which a man peeps at the outer world. And when it goes dark, the world grows dark. Dr. McKinnis pledges to bring the light of healing to the eyes of each of its patients. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, his team strives to meet the needs and then go above and beyond the expectations of them. Even in the midst of a severe pandemic that continues to grow worse and the lockdowns, Dr. McKinnis has been serving his community with an unparalleled dedication and service that is the hallmark of a truly committed medical professional.

When asked about what prompted his wife Heather and him to open Infinity Eye Care in the middle of the raging pandemic this past January, he replied with a gentle smile and care reminiscent of a doctor who’s a doctor everywhere, ‘I’ve always wanted to be in business and take care of people. It didn’t matter what else was happening in the world – people have needs and I want to help’.

Randy, the owner of 38 Digital Market, is always looking for entrepreneurs and small business owners whose businesses are and have been a meaningful part of the communities they are established in for his podcast. He shares about their journey, their trade, actionable tips for listeners and entrepreneurs, and plenty of other information.

For more information, please visit to learn more about Dr. Ryan McKinnis and Infinity Eye Care.

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