Load Speed, Good Web Design And UX Have An Impact On SEO In 2021 – Press Release

Google is releasing Google Core Web Vitals in May 2021 – Now is the time to pay attention and focus on Search Engine Optimization.

Holbaek (Denmark) and Karlsruhe (Germany) — two guys from Denmark (Brian Petersen) and Germany (Fabian Pott) are counting the days to May 2021 because of Google’s announcement of Google Core Web Vitals.

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Google has confirmed that Core Web Vitals is becoming a ranking signal in May 2021, so both Brian and Fabian expect to impact several website owners Google rankings worldwide.

“Google focus has for several years been on Mobile first, and everybody who has experienced loading a buggy or a slow website on a mobile device knows how annoying that can be,” says Brian Petersen, Co-Founder of SEO Geek Lab.

With the focus on load speed and good user experience as a ranking signal, both Fabian and Brian expect that many website owners are facing a negative impact in their Google rankings if they fail to take action.

“We have experienced ourselves from various tests of websites that load speed already has an impact on rankings. If a website tends to be super slow, it is harder to obtain good rankings in Google,” says Fabian Pott, Co-found of SEO Geek Lab.

Both Brian and Fabian suggest that website owners should start focusing on UX, design, and load speed and prepare for when Google is releasing Google Core Web Vitals in May 2021.

The guys’ advice is to use a tool that can measure the user experience on a website and record user sessions.

“If you can monitor how your users are navigating on your website, you get an idea of any navigational or design mistakes. By addressing those issues, you can provide a better user experience and boost conversions,” says Brian Petersen.

“Google already has a lot of tools for measuring the user experience with plenty of data points like Chrome browsers, Android devices, and Google Analytics, so it is easy for them to calculate which website the user’s favor,” says Fabian Pott.

The SEO Geeks suggest that website owners should use a tool like Plerdy – a Hotjar alternative for measuring the website’s performance.

“Taking the proper action now and iron out design bugs and fix load speed issues would be beneficial if you want to keep your organic Google rankings after May 2021,” says Brian Petersen.

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Fabian Pott is an independent SEO consultant that is running his own SEO Agency in Germany.

Brian Petersen is working as an SEO manager in a large Telco company in Denmark.

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