October 7, 2022


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Meet Sunny Kumar, leading hands in future of Digital Marketing & SEO

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Digital marketing is shaping up to become an inescapable aspect of marketing and more and more businesses are getting intertwined with digital marketing with each passing hour. Digital marketing offers a lucrative career prospect with endless possibilities and growth scope and draws many aspiring professionals. But very few of those are able to emerge among the top digital marketing moguls that can project the sway of a campaign and take a business to new heights. Sunny Kumar is an adroit digital marketer who has consistently upgraded himself to become among the top-class digital marketing professional in the industry.

It all started with a simple desire for running and maintaining a blog. He thought it would be very easy but later learned that there was a lot more to blogging rather than posting articles and website development. He explored the realm of digital marketing, SEO services, link building and utilized his learning on his blog “TheWPX” which is a testament to his dexterity in digital marketing. TheWPX encourages readers to explore digital marketing and publish daily solutions for the most common problems that occur during a digital marketing campaign. Sunny Kumar offers digital marketing services via HeySERP which constitutes everything that is required to succeed in the digital space. He has worked with local brands and physical stores which were struggling to find organic users and a dedicated customer base. Most of his campaigns have resulted in massive ROI and customer accumulation, all of which are achieved through organic channels. He has helped many physical stores to migrate to digital space and expand their prospective customer base while catering to a larger audience.

Sunny Kumar says, “Digital marketing is purely stats-based marketing that factors in the sentiment of the customers. We do not blindly rush a campaign and devise strategies based upon metrics and analysis. There is a big misconception about digital marketing as a quick results technique. Digital marketing takes time, sometimes longer than a traditional marketing campaign but has long-lasting results as compared to other marketing methods. We try to connect with customers at the core level and are always looking to alleviate their problems if any. My marketing approach is different from what you see with other brands, as I strive to be relevant for as long as possible and not become an eyesore for prospective customers.


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