October 4, 2022


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New iPhone Exclusive Reveals Stunning Apple Design Decision

iPhone 13 owners, prepare yourself for a shock because Apple is working on a radical new iPhone and now it is quickly taking shape. 

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Following recent leaks which revealed Apple is working on a “complete redesign” of the iPhone range, now stunning new renders by Ben Geskin have put all this information together to give us our best look yet at the all-new smartphone Apple is developing. 

The headline change is a new pill-shaped punch hole to replace the notch. Recent leaks reveal that Apple will abandon the notch but, in order to retain its Face ID biometric security system, the company will not follow Android rivals into using a standard circular punch hole. In theory, this sounded like a strange move, but Geskin’s renders show the change actually looks great and the pill (while bigger) arguably blends into the overall smartphone design better than a standard circular punch hole. 

Furthermore, Geskin’s renders also illustrate Apple’s move to an even more angular design than we are seeing with the iPhone 13 range. This comes after sources revealed the iPhone 4 will be the inspiration for Apple’s next iPhone. The iPhone 4 is probably Apple’s most popular iPhone design, so the blend of retro tribute and cutting edge technology is likely to please a lot of fans. 

That said, it’s not all good news. What Geskin’s renders cannot show are the internal changes — or lack thereof. The biggest of these is the lack of in-display Touch ID, despite claims that Apple has been planning to reintroduce it alongside Face ID for several years now. Apple has long been working to turn an iPhone into a passport replacement and iOS 15 already can hold your driving licence. But dual biometrics would be essential for the level of security required for digital iPhone passports to be accepted for international travel. 

Despite this, Apple’s next iPhone is already shaping up to deliver the kind of design changes necessary after four generations based on the 2017 iPhone X. Claims Apple will replace the admired but largely ignored iPhone Mini with an affordable 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max are also likely to be a crowd pleaser. 

Ultimately, with iPhone 13 availability hit by supply constraints and iOS 15 currently a bug-filled mess, those who choose to wait for Apple’s heavily redesigned new iPhone look set to be well rewarded.  


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