New Xbox Wireless Headset Back In Stock At Best Buy

Microsoft’s new gaming headset for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices released on March 16. Simply named the Xbox Wireless Headset, the new product is Microsoft’s first official pair of gaming headphones since the Xbox One’s stereo headset released in 2014. The Xbox Wireless Headset sells for $100 and is already a hot item, selling out at major retailers both during the preorder phase and on launch day. You can check current inventory at retailers below. As of our last update, it’s in stock at Best Buy (but may sell out anytime).

The Xbox Wireless Headset has an understated design, with a green ring along the edges of the earcup dials that mimics the look of the console’s power button. The headset is lightweight, and the earcups are made of PU leather to promote comfort throughout lengthy gaming sessions. The adjustable headband also has a cushion to reduce strain, and the earcup dials rotate to adjust audio and chat volumes.

The new Xbox Wireless Headset released March 16 for $100.
The new Xbox Wireless Headset released March 16 for $100.

The headset spatial audio thanks to Dolby Atmos and DTS Headphone: X technology. Spatial audio helps you pinpoint sounds, which can be both immersive and helpful. The dual beamforming adjustable mic eliminates surrounding noise to keep chat audio clear. One neat feature is the optional auto-mute function, which will turn off your mic whenever you aren’t speaking. The headset can also connect to both your Xbox and phone simultaneously. You can further customize audio settings such as the equalizer and bass on Xbox or PC.

The Xbox Wireless Headset uses the same wireless tech as the Xbox controller, so a dongle isn’t required. A full charge offers up to 15 hours of battery life, and rapid charging for only 30 minutes gives you four hours of juice.

In GameSpot’s Xbox Wireless Headset review, editor Michael Higham praised its great sound quality, comfortable fit, and sturdy build, though he noted the microphone quality is subpar and that the headset’s limited extension may not fit those with larger heads or voluminous hair. “I personally enjoy Xbox’s sleek hardware designs, and the Xbox Wireless Headset is a prime example. More importantly, it delivers high-quality sound, a durable build, and a solid feature set,” he wrote. “While comfort and fit turned out fine for me, it’s something you may want to look into a bit more for yourself, especially if you’ve had issues with the size of headsets in the past. To put my experience in simple terms, if you’re willing to drop $100 on a headset for your Xbox console, you won’t go wrong with Microsoft’s official offering in the Xbox Wireless Headset.”

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