Off-Page SEO Tactics For 2021 – How To Gain More Traffic During the Pandemic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is purely the act of optimizing your brand’s image and footprint, both offline and online.

The act of optimizing is carried by utilization of top-notch quality content to increase website optimization. The excellent experience provided to the website visitors also contributes to increasing SEO.

These actions work collectively to enhance and uplift the search engine rankings by bringing a massive increase in online traffic, leading to strengthened brand identity and higher revenue generation opportunities. Improvement in the optimization is in accordance with Google’s algorithm, as it is the largest search engine, capturing 86% of the market. Therefore, all the effective tools and tricks comply with the requirement of search engines.

Let’s discuss some of the off-page SEO tactics to use in 2021.

11 Sought-After Off-Page SEO Tactics To Generate More Traffic For Your Website

Your website is like your home. You’d surely want people to visit your place, but what if there are legends or rumors linked to your home. Nobody would visit such a place – so your website is also the same. Off-page SEO improves the website’s picture by erasing all the associated rumors.

The significance of the website highlights the adequacy of SEO tools and tactics to be used. After the digitalization of businesses, websites are the only source to survive in the competitive market.

Following are the 11 most sought-after and popular Off-page SEO tactics for generating more leads and traffic.

1. Broken Or Damaged Link Building

There are numerous ways to generate traffic through off-page SEO. But, SEO link building is the most prioritized one as many other tactics are associated with it.

It makes its way to the top of the list because broken link building is undoubtedly the most relevant and convenient way to generate traffic on your website. Broken link building is a sure way to earn the right and authentic links, which leads to massive traffic.

The search of the broken links on the search engine; see the following illustration elaborating the method of searching broken link;

Contact the website and crack a deal with them to paste your link or provide content for that broken link and place your link.

Overstuffing links are penalized and disregarded by search engines. Link building requires a strategy and planning that will put you on the top.

  • You must plan to pick and use high-quality and authentic links that attract the audience.
  • Using top-notch links with a particular mindset would improve and help you sustain your search engine rankings.
  • Do the research and understand better the Domain Authority (DA) and its process.
  • Track the people and connect with them that mention your brand or website.
  • Build trust and relationships with the authors.
  • Keep yourself update with the latest trends of search engines and maintain the quality criteria.
  • Link building gets effective with mobile-friendly sites, and you can earn more with it.

You can also take the best services from SEO Optimizers according to your niche and industry. These services will not only for broken link acquisition but also for new backlinks, resulting in increased search engine rankings.

2. Forum Posting Is Still In Demand

Forum Posting is another excellent way that enables you to participate in online discussion forums and helps in diverging traffic. It helps you in contacting other websites and enables you to improve your own website’s efficiency. These platforms are the best way to attract and gain firsthand knowledge regarding your audience and brand reputation in the market. See the following example of forum posting;

The strategy may seem simpler to implement, but it has certain principles that are obligatory to follow. The rules for forum posting may include;

  • Forum posting is similar to guest blogging, but likewise, for both, you must know to add the links to gain traffic bluntly.
  • Links must be inserted but with a better understanding of the critical areas where they should be placed.
  • Conduct a Q/A session with the people at the mentioned platforms on your interest and likenesses’ topics.
  • The posts must be relevant and transparent.

3. Use Trusted Resources For Links

Off-page SEO requires a strategy that involves the placement of trusted and resourceful links from high-authenticated websites. The term resourceful and trusted websites refer to the usage and insertion of the links from the websites that guide and help you target the broader audience.

The SEO experts believe that link building is one of the most critical search engine optimization factors. If you wish to create your website with strong authority and drive a massive audience, you must insert links to some tremendous and authenticated websites. Verify the DA of the website by using online platforms;

Some of the most recognizable forums are Forbes, Entrepreneur, Neil Patel, JeffBullas, Business Insider, Huffington Post, and CopyBlogger.

4. Augment Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is another off-page SEO tactic that would help you in reaching and targeting a massive audience. Influencers and marketers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have millions of followers individually.

It means that connecting with them and using your website links in their posts would bring in the maximum number of people.

One of the many outstanding benefits of social connection with influencers is that they can help you create and nurture longer with the audience for Off-page SEO. Google itself uses different social signals to determine the ranking.

5. Don’t Be Afraid Of Blog

When we talk about off-page SEO practices – the one that cannot be ignored at any cost is blog commenting. It is the best, useful, and functional off-page SEO strategy that helps you drive organic traffic to your website and improve SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) ranking.

It is an effective tactic, and one should
give it a try. There are generally two types of blog commenting, one is instant commenting, and the other is moderate commenting. Both these depend on the website. Some websites allow instant commenting, but some websites receive the comment, review it, and then publish it.

  • The best practice is to understand the website’s niche.
  • Read the blog with a skimming method.
  • Try to format the comment by writing a little content as a review on the blog written above.
  • Add links adequately in the comment and finally post it.

6. Document Submission

Document sharing is an efficient off-page SEO technique used by many organizations to generate maximum traffic on their website. It works by submitting a duplicated document that is pre-published on a platform. It is permitted by the author/owner to re-publish on other forums.

The document is purchased, borrowed or written with the insertion of its own web links, making it a super-strong pack of backlinks, and then publishing it on different forums.

There are handfuls of benefits of using document submission as an off-page SEO tactic.

  • By having this, your content gets indexed quickly in Google.
  • You can add whatever you want to in the article, like; images, infographics, and stats, to boost the click rate.
  • You can create your document the way you want and can upload it to many different websites for more traffic.
  • Affiliated links can be added easily in the articles with document sharing.

7. Use Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a popular and centralized off-page SEO tactic that allows users to add, edit, annotate, and share the web documents’ bookmarks. The web pages bookmarks that we made on social bookmarking sites are considered quality and prolific backlinks in search engines’ eyes.

This is why social marking is one of the best off-page strategies in SEO to gain massive traffic. There are some great social bookmarking websites with massive audiences or users, which would give a definite boost to your traffic. Social media websites like; Twitter is also included in this list, along with Pinterest, Dribble, and Pocket.

8. Profile Linking

Another crucial method in off-page SEO and link building is Profile Linking. With the use of profile links, you can easily create a backlink for your website. You can add other profile’s URL of a personal, professional, or business profile created on different websites.

These linked profiles can be created on different forums, social media, and other websites. It is indeed valuable and high-target for a valuable supply of traffic and revenue generation.

9. Create, Use & Distribute Infographics

Infographics were, have, and will be working in the future for generating traffic. They are best for impressive results, you have to get a perfect understanding, and the job is done. Content that is best for link building can do wonders with the use of infographics.

According to HubSpot, infographics are the fourth most effective type in marketing and compelling traffic. Content Marketing Institute says that infographics have a 65% greater impact in generating traffic and increasing sales.



The significance of infographics in attracting relevant traffic, revenue generation, and increasing brand reputation are visible because; organizations spend on single infographic creation.

Infographics are simply in demand because it appeals to the human brain as human brain processes visual information 60,000 xs faster than plain text.

This is the reason why infographics and their value have been increased by 800%.

10. Guest Blogging

The most trusted off-page SEO tactic is Guest Blogging. It is the best strategy and provides the organization with relevant links, authority approach, motivated leads, and qualified traffic that instantly boost business and sales funnel.

Making a guest blogging list with multiple authors on your website gives a supersonic wave to your business’s success graph. Around 62.9% of people perceive it as the best in marketing and getting traffic.

Most experts confuse guest blogging as an instant boomer of website ranking, which is a myth. It requires regularity and effort to rank your website when using guest blogging.

Though, with a delay, but the desired results leading to lead generation is assured.

For example, Gregory Ciotti gets a 6000+ jump with almost 37,000 email subscribers within nine weeks, using Guest Blogging as a tool.

Along with this, many other factors contribute to the effectiveness of the technique. It is witnessed that 77% of internet users are fond of reading blogs. Millions of websites accept guest posts because they are fully aware that it is the best strategy for any website. The guidelines for writing authentic guest blogs are mentioned below;

  • Whatever your niche or industry is, find relevant websites and study their content.
  • Have a specific scroll over all the content on their website and analyze what they are missing and what you could provide them with.
  • Show them your quality work and suggest some topics that you could write on.
  • Finally, write, get it published, and promote your links with it.

11. Use Social Media As A Tool

The revolution of marketing and improving website traffic can also be achieved with social media by sharing new posts, videos, images, and updates. Getting engaged and active on social media increases engagement and boosts overall visibility as you are possibly targeting 3.69 billion users on social media.

The brand identity and following on social media facilitate reaching a wider audience and increasing the intensity of advertisements.

Some More Tips To Generate Tremendous Traffic TO Your Website

Brand Identity Is A Must – Grow It

One of the brilliant strategies for link building is to work for building brand identity in the market. Remember that the brand’s reputation is the representation of the whole organization. So picture and display yourself well to others. You can utilize several content creation tools which will help you generate amazing content. In a nutshell, the brand grows and reflects your thoughts; it starts reflecting itself when it connects with the audience.

According to Jeff Bezos,

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

The brand identity can create a direct and significant impact on consumer’s purchase decisions. Therefore, 70% of brand managers consider brand identity a high priority in building a massive audience.

Continuous Monitoring Of Your Competitors

Stalking for competitors and never taking your eyes from them is another great and impactful off-page SEO tactic for targeting a massive audience.

Tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs are relevant for keeping an eye on the competitors’ link strategy. According to WebpageFX, a 46% possibility of a website’s ranking is the improvement in SERPs.


Be Actively Present On Web

Be active on the web pages and the internet means connecting and relating with people who are aware of your brand identity and deserve your brand loyalty. Camouflage premium brands know how to address all the customer needs and appeal to their eyes. Use untiring off-page SEO tactics to build your website’s reputation and identity that serves long.


  1. Q) What is the abbreviation of SEO?
  2. A) The acronym SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization.’
  3. Q) Why is SEO Important?
  4. A) Traffic on the website is all that website owners and developers are running after. SEO tracks and helps you in understanding the search queries, which you implement accordingly and drive traffic. It is essential for increasing visibility.
  5. Q) Does the audience or traffic help in boosting search engines’ rankings?
  6. A) Search engines’ algorithms are smart, and they detect that why the surgeon your website is happening. With the increased traffic, your websites’ DA improves and automatically starts landing in top searches whenever made.
  7. Q) What are SEO Backlinks?
  8. A) The internet is made up of two things. One is the content, and the other is the links between the content. The quality and strength of links used in the content determine a website’s ranking in search engines. Putting it would be like the better the earned backlinks are, the better recognition the search engine will give.

Is credit score effective on advertisement?

A company credit score directly influences the advertisement, reflecting the organization’s financial position. This financial position will predict the budget of the advertisers.

  1. Q) What is DA (Domain Authority)?
  2. A) DA is the website’s ranking in search engines.
  3. Q) What is link building?
  4. A) Link building is the SEO strategy used on websites to improve the website’s ranking in search engines.


Your website’s ranking purely lies in the implementation of SEO strategies. The algorithm of search engines does not consider the number of links inserted. Or the relevancy of the content posted on the website.

They track the traffic flow and lead generation on the website. All in all, off-page SEO is paramount in increasing online traffic by increasing website optimization.

I hope the strategies that I have mentioned above will support you in increasing traffic on the web.