Psi Chi inducts largest class: Psychology honor society presents at research conference, plans service project | News

Rogers State University’s honor society for psychology, Psi Chi, took it’s largest group to Baton Rouge, LA for a research conference last week.

Public Relations Director for RSU’s Psi Chi chapter, Tarah McCorkle, said the conference is a way for psychology majors to share their work, network with other researchers and find opportunities for scholarships and grants.

Psi Chi had 10 students present research in Baton Rouge for the 2022 Southwestern Psychological Association Conference; Autumn Rosenthal, Suzie Payne, Tarah McCorkle, Moriah Rake, Tayah Holmes, Gabe Seiler, Carrigan Veach, Justin Rogers, Andrew McElhanon and Buster Baron. Four faculty advisors attended and presented research as well; Dr. Kevin Woller, Dr. Sonya Munsell, Sara Moon-Seo and Dr. Chrissy Whiting Madison.

Three of those students where nominated for awards at the conference; Gabe Seiler, Moriah Rake and Carrigan Veach.

Research topics discussed include; “Investigating Gender Roles through a Public Lens”; “A,B, See: Examining Effects of Visual Phonics, on Students Alphabet Knowledge” ; “Perceived Public Stigma: A Direct Comparison with Anxiety Symptoms” ; “Media Consumption and Fear: The Effects of Media on Mental Health” ; “The Benefits of Gratitude Journaling in Long-Term Relationships” ; “Disability Accessibility on Campus” ; “Korean vs. American Mothers’ Perception On Children’s Play” ; “Multicultural Perspectives and Experiences with Eating Disorders” ; “Parenting, Protective Factors, and Adverse Childhood Experiences”.

McCorkle said Psi Chi typically has 10-15 members a semester. This year the chapter inducted 43 members.

The honor society accepts members on an invite only basis. Students must be at least a sophomore and have maintained a GPA of 3.25 or higher to be considered for the honor society. When asked what caused the recent increase in membership, McCorkle said having more students coming to RSU and professors that care about their students definitely helped.

“A lot of our professors have worked really hard to create this great structure for students to be able to learn,” McCorkle said. “The ratio of teachers to students here at RSU is really helpful in allowing students to find a mentor or find a guide through the professors. I personally as a student believe that is one of the things that has impacted a lot of students here because our professors take the time to get to know us.”

Psi Chi is also working on their semester service project. The chapter aims to supply needed money and items to the Rogers County Community Service Center/Safenet. They are collecting cash donations or items that can be used in an auction to raise money. Cash donations will go to Psi Chi’s “The Special Day of Care” which, with the help of local salons, will give mothers in need free spa services and provide an indoor carnival for the children. Anyone interested in donating can contact Suzanne Payne at (918)530-7980.