Redesigned MacBook Air Is Coming, and Could Launch This Year

If you believe the rumors, Apple is coming out with a completely redesigned version of its MacBook Air. These predictions come from reports by a number of leakers, including Jon Prosser, who has been revealing quite accurate information on Apple’s future plans, especially in regard to the M-series Macs. He has also released renders of the new machine based on leaked images.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg and Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo have echoed Prosser’s claims that Apple is working on redesigning its current MacBook Air’s look in a new version.

Jon Prosser's render of the new MacBook Air.
Jon Prosser

Prosser remarks that the new MacBook Air will feature a number of design upgrades and come in a range of colors, just like the 24-inch Mac. Based on leaked images he claims to have seen, the laptop will come in blue and green, with many more options to match the iMac’s palette of subtle, pastel colors on its stands, which contrasts with darker colors on its rear. He says the colors of the new MacBook Air will be “very close, if not identical, to the shades that you see on the stands for the new 24-inch iMacs.”

Prosser and Gurman also predict that the next-gen MacBook Air will leverage an M2 Apple silicon chip instead of its predecessor, the M1 chip that the current MacBook air hosts. The chip is said to be significantly more efficient while featuring the same number of cores. It is also assumed that the new model will sport increased graphics cores.

It is assumed that the new MacBook Air will host full-sized function keys and a relatively smaller trackpad compared to the current model. It will have two USB-C ports, one on each of its sides. While Gurman claimed that it will feature a MagSafe connector ensuring fast charging speeds, Prosser did not add it to his released renders as it wasn’t visible in the leaked images.

MacBook Air rendered in colors.
Jon Prosser

In terms of design, the underside of the new version will see two long vertical strips of rubber feet instead of four small pads on its corners. Another one of Prosser’s speculations include that, also just like the iMac, the new MacBook Air will sport white bezels. He also claims that it will feature an ultraslim profile. Apple plans on ditching its famous tapered design for the new MacBook Air, and instead will give it a much thinner body.

Prosser predicts the new version to launch in the end of 2021 if it releases this year. Gurman supports the claim by commenting that Apple plans to release the MacBook Air in the second half of this year if it releases in 2021. If it doesn’t, then you can expect it in early 2022, according to the Bloomberg analyst.

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