Seo In Guk and Oh Yeon Seo CONFIRMED to star in upcoming drama ‘Minamdang: Case Note’

We are roughly 2 months away from 2022 and a brand new year brings new K-drama pairings! Seo In Guk and Oh Yeon Seo will be starring in the upcoming drama ‘Minamdang: Case Note’. Based on a popular eponymous web novel, ‘Minamdang: Case Note’ is a mystery-comedy about the events that unfold as former profiler Nam Han Joon becomes a male shaman (known as baksumudang) and meets violent crimes division’s team leader Han Jae Hee.

Seo In Guk will be transforming into the fraudulent male shaman (baksumudang) Nam Han Joon, who is also a former profiler. Born into great wealth and fortune, blessed with a handsome face, and extravagant talking skills, he’s a maverick of the shaman world. Nam Han Joon uses his profiling skills to accurately perceive what the customers want and even solve their problems correctly and perfectly, making them believe that he actually has some kind of magical powers! On the other hand, Oh Yeon Seo will be playing the violent crimes division’s team leader Han Jae Hee. She embodies various qualities in her. She is righteous, lighthearted, quirky, sincere, and doesn’t hold grudges against anybody for a long time. However, when something isn’t right, she often insults people regardless of their status.

‘Minamdang: Case Note’ will be helmed by director Go Jae Hyun who has previously directed ‘Dinner Mate’ and ‘Player’ and written by screenwriter Park Hye Jin of the drama ‘Ruler: Master of the Mask’ and the films ‘The Yellow Sea’ and ‘Kundo: Age of the Rampant.’ ‘Minamdang: Case Note’ will begin filming soon and is slated to premiere in the first half of next year. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for further updates.

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