Shift Active Media developing SEO capabilities with Phillip Burns hire | Community

Shift Active Media has taken steps to develop its Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) capabilities over the past year, including the recent new hire of SEO manager Phillip Burns.

Tom King

Previously senior SEO specialist at Oban International, he is joining Shift’s 40-strong team to support its growing portfolio of SEO work.

Tom King, head of media at Shift Active Media, said: “To acquire new customers, it’s essential that SEO is part of the marketing plan.

“SEO is critical for helping brands increase the volume and quality of website traffic, and a well thought-out strategy can help brands reach cyclists at every stage of the purchase journey. Google is the go-to source of information on the best kit, bikes and maintenance.”

The agency’s proprietary customer research, gathered from survey data from cycling audiences across multiple territories and categories, identifies that between 45-50% of all cycling purchases start with search.

“As a marketing agency dedicated to cycling, at Shift we have an unrivalled ability to tune into the mindset of what cyclists are searching for and how,” added King. “This provides us with the insight and toolkit we need to optimise our client’s websites to succeed in search engines.

“We offer SEO not just as a standalone service but to inform and support best practice in other areas of Shift too, from PR to media planning and buying.”

Wayne Brown, managing director at Shift Active Media, said: “With the recent surge in cycling e-commerce, content discoverability has never been more important to a successful digital marketing strategy.

“It’s an integral discipline that touches all areas of Shift’s offering, and it’s a growing, increasingly vital service for our clients. So we’re delighted to welcome Phillip and his SEO expertise to the team.”

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