Soubick Das and Shoeb Alam skyrocketed their website viewership from zero to millions

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Many people claims successful branding comes with well designed Website, great Digital marketing, SEO, Banners, and other branding tools. However, we overlook the one major thing that helps us to merge the above-mentioned things. That thing is Content and without content, all of the above seems useless. Writing exceptional content on your website or social media page not only helps in branding but also helps do great SEO on your pages and assist you reach the highest of the ladder in Google search.


The Cine talk is a blogging website where all the latest gossips and posts related to movies, cinema, and more are published on a daily basis. They have a great set of user base and they have more than a million of viewership on their posts. They have made a great impact and broke the stereotype that mainstream blogging sites and sites with a high rating can only garner viewers. This has allowed numerous other Soubick Das and Shoeb Alam to live the dream, which they are hesitant to leap into.


The initial days of The Cine Talk saw very less viewership because there were already enough competitors in the given niche. The duo of Soubick Das and Shoeb Alam Founding members and CEO of The Cine Talk has done extensive research while defining the content of his blogging website. This has exceptionally helped The Cine Talk to reach exceptional heights in blogging. The duo didn’t give up and worked hard to get the latest news, articles, and posts related to the Movie world and in no time they climbed up the search results in Google.

Soubick is a tech expert and has good knowledge of SEO which helped to increase the reach of their blogging website. On the other hand, Shoeb was more customer eccentric and managed the content structure, PR activities, and what goes into where. From our experiences, we all know that a team with tech expertise and Management expertise can be a deadly combination. This is the key point from which they garnered success.


Now they’re an emerging startup that has made numerous investments in other businesses. Not only these, but they also helped others with their experience in relevant departments of blogging. The Cine Talk is sort of within the buzz nowadays and therefore the credit goes to the duo for persistent handwork and dedication towards their business. They also manage a gaggle of young techies under their radar who drives viewership through their continuous research and development of The Cine Talk. These employees have shared only positive reviews about the company. The Cine Talk has done charity works over the past years and has helped people during the time of the recent pandemic in every way possible which incorporates distributing food items, medicines, sanitation items, and far more.


The duo of Shoeb Alam and Soubick Das guides the future generation and shows them what collaborative power is. Most people tend to work individually thinking they can handle all of it but collaboration is quite great when the people you want to collaborate with have the same vibe as yours. They are the reason our next generation can value themselves and can reach much greater heights with their creative ideas.


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