‘Terraria’ Stadia Version Canceled After Developer Is Locked Out Of Google Accounts


  • Game developer Andrew Spinks announced the cancellation of the Stadia version of “Terraria”
  • The cancellation comes after Spinks was locked out of his own Google accounts without explanation
  • He also said that he and his team will no longer be supporting any of Google’s platforms in the future

The lead developer of “Terraria,” Andrew Spinks, declared Monday that the hit 2D sandbox game will not be coming to Google Stadia after saying his Google account has been disabled for over three weeks for no apparent reason.

Spinks, also known as “Redigit,” said that he has been trying to regain control of his account using every possible method but to no avail. In one of his tweets, the founder of indie studio Re-Logic said that he lost access to an account with thousands of dollars’ worth of Google Play apps, his files at Google Drive, his YouTube account and the Gmail address that he has been using for the past 15 years. 

The incident came as a shock to Spinks, who said in another tweet that he has done nothing to violate any of Google’s terms of service and he has decided to interpret the act as the company’s attempt to cut ties with him.

Spinks then said that the Google Stadia version of “Terraria” is officially canceled and that he and his team will no longer be supporting any of Google’s platforms in the future.

This can potentially cause a drop in Google Stadia’s user base as “Terraria” has been a successful game across multiple platforms, including mobile phones. “Terraria” fans who have been waiting for the game to release on Google’s game console may have to settle for other available options following the developer’s declaration.

“Terraria’s” cancellation is also a blow to Stadia as the brand has already been forced to close its in-house development studios in favor of third-party developers.

Google has not yet released a statement regarding these developments.

“Terraria” is a 2D side-scrolling game that features elements of crafting, survival, building and various RPG elements such as character customization, equipment builds and challenging combat. The game received its final major update called “Journey’s End” back in May 2020 and was considered an end of an era by both the developers and fans alike.

“Terraria” has received positive user reviews in Steam and Google, where it garnered an Overwhelmingly Positive rating and 99% approval rating, respectively. The game was also positively received in both the mobile and console game markets.

Players fending off a wave of monsters in Terraria Players fending off a wave of monsters in Terraria Photo: Terraria Official Steam Page