“That Kiss was fairytale,” say fans, especially with Seo In-guk’s OST

“Doom at Your Service” episode 14 is the most heartwrenching episode to have aired in the drama, and fans believe that Seo In-guk’s OST, “Distant Fate,” has only elevated the experience.

The episode begins with Dong-kyung apologizing to Myulmang for the choice that she made. The two of them come to the conclusion that there is no decision or choice that could help them escape their fate in Doom at Your Service.

So when Dong-kyung asks him what they should do now, he tells her that they should accept their fate. This makes Dong-kyung realize that he would disappear for her, and as hard as it is to accept, he convinces her.

He tells her that he doesn’t want to be forgotten. At the moment, they do not have a better option. Myulmang instead decides that he does indeed want to marry Dong-kyung. He says so to her aunt and her brother in Doom at Your Service episode 14.

Dong-kyung is extremely desperate, especially now that she knows Myulmang wants to sacrifice himself for her.

Dong-kyung decides to give up on further treatment in “Doom at Your Service”

Dong-kyung decides that it is dangerous to go forward with her treatment in Doom at Your Service episode 14, especially the surgery. She wants to ensure that she is able to have a wedding with Myulmang, so she has a word with her doctor.

He agrees to push for treatment and surgery after her wedding. Dong-kyung’s friends and family also agree to support her, especially her friend Na Ji-na (Shin Do-hyun).

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So Ji-na wants to ensure that if something untoward happens, Dong-kyung would not have any regrets. Dong-kyung’s family is unaware that she may come out of her situation unscathed because of Myulmang. However, Dong-kyung doesn’t seem capable of moving on from the fact that Myulmang has decided to sacrifice himself in Doom at Your Service.

Can she really choose him over the lives of everyone else who matters to her? Sonyeoshin knows that Dong-kyung is incapable of causing destruction, so when she reappears, she tells Dong-kyung to accept Myulmang’s decision.

Sonyeoshin tells Dong-kyung to accept him and his expectation that she will lead a happy life in Doom at Your Service. While she is heartbroken, she is powerless.

She sends her loved ones the gifts that she chose with Myulmang, visits her parents where they rest and asks them if death is painful. She is scared and she is in pain.

So when the two of them have one last day together in Doom at Your Service, Dong-kyung wants to live with Myulmang in his world. She poses this as her wish. When he takes her to his world, it is empty and gloomy. Just as she added color to his other world, she does so to this world too.

She takes him to a church where she prays one last time for help, but their last day in Doom at Your Service comes to an end with a heartwrenching kiss, after which Myulmang disappears without a trace.

It is this scene that seems to have affected fans, Seo In-guk’s OST for the show titled “Distant Fate” was also released.

Ji-na and Hyun-kyu finally break it off in “Doom at Your Service”

After years of waiting for him, Ji-na realized that she was not in love with Hyun-kyu (Kang Tae-oh). She was in love with the idea of Hyun-kyu that she had from when they were still college students.

Hyun-kyu, on the other hand, is still in love with him. However, he decides to bid farewell to the love of his life in Doom at Your Service episode 14 because he also realized that she was not in love with him anymore.

So he leaves her with a handshake and smile, but once she leaves, Hyun-kyu is unable to tend to his broken heart. It is Cha Joo-ik (Lee Soo-hyuk) who watches Hyun-kyu break down in tears, confessing that he had never given up on Ji-na.

What is really wonderful about this show is how heartwarming it is despite centering on tragedy. In many ways, this particular episode also reminds one of the finale of “Uncontrollably Fond.” While the outcome of fate may be heartbreaking, the way the characters accept it is like a warm blanket spread over one on a cold night.

Doom at Your Service episode 15 will air on June 28th, at 9 pm Korean Standard Time, and can be streamed on Viki.