October 4, 2022


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Too Many Zoom Meetings? Send Your Otter Assistant Instead

Can’t cope with another Zoom meeting in your schedule? Why not send a virtual assistant to sit in on the meeting for you? That’s the pitch from Otter, which has just unveiled a set of new features for its live transcription service.

Otter.ai works with all the major videoconferencing services – including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet – and allows attendees to keep and review an automatic transcript of the meeting.

The service’s co-founder and CEO, Sam Ling, claims the Otter assistant can even be used to attend meetings for you, allowing you to review a transcript of what was said after the event.

“It could be that you have two meetings scheduled at the same time and you can only enjoy one meeting at a time,” said Ling. “So you can have your Otter assistant attend the other meeting on your behalf, take notes, then you can review the meeting notes afterwards.”

AI hasn’t quite reached the stage where it can contribute on your behalf. And if there’s a need to literally show your face at both meetings, you could even use Otter to monitor two meetings and appear as if you’re paying attention to both simultaneously.

“You could actually watch two live transcript streams at the same time,” said Ling. “You may be in one meeting where you don’t have to pay attention all the time. Part of the time, you can watch the live transcript of the other meeting, then maybe you could switch back and forth.”

New Otter.ai features

Otter is making it easier to bring the virtual assistant to meetings with new features added to its Google Chrome browser extension.

The extension will now provide the option to “Add Otter Meeting Notes” when setting up a new meeting in Google Calendar. All participants will be sent the link to the transcript, and that link will stay within the calendar appointment, making it easier to go back and review the notes from, say, a meeting that took place a couple of days ago.

The extension already provides an Otter pop-up window when you enter a Zoom, Google Meet or other videoconferencing session. The meeting leader just has to remember to press record when the meeting starts, although meetings are recorded automatically for those on the premium Business tier.

“We really want this [Otter] to be a collaborative experience,” said Ling, “so it’s important for everyone on the invitation list to be able to access the notes.”

The Otter extension can be downloaded from the Chrome web store.