Top reasons why your business fails to implement SEO (Promoted)

Certain companies implement SEO campaigns but fail to get benefits from this strategy. If you find that even after making efforts your website could not make it to the first page of the search engine. It could be due to a few common reasons that are causing your business to fail at SEO.

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Expecting quick results 

The number one mistake that businesses make when implementing SEO is expecting quick gains from the strategy. It is important to understand that SEO is a continuing process that can require long-term endeavour to reap results. 

Ideally, it would take around four to six months for the SEO firms to show desired results. Stay patient and have this assurance that the SEO results will grow with time.

Your Website UX Is Poor

The customer would want to visit those websites that have an intuitive and user-friendly user interface. Such websites provide a better experience and appeal to customers. Also, Google considers user experience as a major factor to rank your website to rank high than your competitor.

Not using social media as part of your SEO strategy

Another mistake that people make is that they do not incorporate social media in their SEO strategy. It is important to know that links from social media could help in providing better visibility, increased traffic and improved engagement with the audience. 

Thus, the incorporation of social media in an SEO strategy can cause a big impact on the search rankings of a business.

Targeting very competitive keywords

It is essential to stay realistic at the time of selecting the keywords that you want to target. There will be lesser chances of success when you target phrases and words that everyone also targets. 

The right strategy is to choose phrases that are very relevant to personal services or products that obtain a decent number of searches but doesn’t look highly competitive. Such phrases have higher chances of conversion in the business.

No installation of Goal Tracking and Analytics software

Another important thing that can cause failure in SEO is no relevant goal tracking and analytics programs installed on the website. These are the two important functionalities that will help determine what works and what doesn’t work on the business website. 

A business does not just need to install Google Search Console and Google Analytics and track these elements. Google Analytics can help you check the following things: 

  • New conversion of visitors
  • Value per visit
  • Sources for incoming traffic
  • Bounce rate
  • Interactions per visit
  • Conversion of return visitors
  • Costs associated to lead generation 
  • Pageviews
  • Exit pages
  • Average session duration

Failing to check for broken links

Broken links on the website are one of the reasons that can cause failure in the SEO of your business website. If your website users get a 404 page, then they are likely to leave the website in search of information. Several broken links could impact your website rankings as well as user experience in damaging ways.

You have a slow website

The time that it takes to load your website also determines the success of your SEO. The audience generally prefers accessing a website that takes less time to load. A slow-loading website causes them frustration and chooses other websites over yours. 

The website loading page is also a key factor that search engines like Google uses to rank the website on the search engine results page. Thus, along with making your mobile-friendly website, you should also aim at improving its page loading website than ever.


So, we have seen that several reasons can cause a website to fail in its efforts of advancing organic SERPs. There can be more reasons out of the above list that can lead to the failure of an SEO campaign. If you identify any of these reasons then it is beneficial to take the necessary preventive measures to prevent the loss.

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