Voice Over IP Service Guide

Voice over IP service are commonly referred to as PC to phone calls, voice over IP service is the newest thing in the technological world incidentally VoIP is the transmission of voice through the internet or other network systems, this new features of VoIP that allows users to make calls over converged voice-data networks also makes it the next logical step in the communications domain that should naturally progress to the use of wireless VoIP.

Voice over IP service allows for: video conversation, conference calling, call forwarding, automatic redial, and caller ID all at no or little extra cost. You can send messages and data in parallel with phone conversations using simple computer interfaces. Secure calls can also be made easily using internet telephony.

This technology is bound to have a huge impact on our lives. There is no escaping the fact that this new technology will, according to market research results, have as many as 50 million WiFi enabled handset users who will be using wireless VoIP by the year 2009. Will this technology really meet its potential and will the benefits of this technology really fructify in the near future, only time will tell. In theory, it will provide users with many advantages that include reduction in the costs of making calls as well as higher bandwidth data transfers.

VOIP services are now focusing on moving PC to phone calls out into the realm of cellular services and moving away from the home and office. Cellular providers have begun to make hay while the sun is shining on them since cellular services are very useful where Wi-Fi is unavailable. More and more local phone companies are also jumping into the fray and providing their own VOIP services to compete with the bigger names. Also, companies are specializing in providing voice over IP service to both the home and business segments.

When using voice over internet protocol you will see a huge reduction in costs when compared with those of traditional cell tower technology and internet calls. voice over IP service can be installed easily in minutes on any phone system. There is certainly an expectant buzz throughout the user domain about the possibilities as well as advantages of using wireless VoIP and, it calls for mainstreaming it into everyday life at the earliest.

Nevertheless, VoIP is poised to make great strides and it is expected that over seven million new voice over IP subscribers may be added by the end of this year and, large carriers are getting into the mix, increasingly. It will only need roaming-friendly networks, as well as broadband connections to make voice over IP service widely available.

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