What Does a Denver SEO Company Do?

Today, businesses compete in a global marketplace. While companies can benefit by expanding their clientele, they must compete with other businesses for those clients, making it crucial to distinguish themselves from their competition.

Businesses must implement successful marketing strategies to survive. While technology has supplied businesses with more marketing platforms than ever before, companies must evaluate their options to determine where to invest their promotional dollars. Consequently, you may be wondering what search engine optimization (SEO) is, what a Denver SEO company does, and how your business can benefit from an SEO company’s services. Let’s take a closer look at SEO marketing and what SEO marketing companies can do for your business.

What is SEO marketing?

Search engine optimization involves customizing your website, website content, and external content to boost your website’s domain authority (DA) score. Search engines, such as Google, send crawlers to collect information about websites and use that data to assign a DA score. Sites with favorable features receive high DA scores, while Google and other engines assign low scores to sites that either lack favorable features or have unfavorable features.

The DA score determines where the website appears on search engine results pages (SERPs). When a person uses a keyword to perform a web search, the engine presents the sites with the highest DA scores and that feature that keyword on the first page of results. Appearing on the first page of results increases your company’s visibility and generates more site traffic, translating into increased sales.

SEO marketing focuses on favorable and unfavorable components that search engines consider when assigning DA scores. The marketing team strives to increase favorable features while reducing or eliminating unfavorable features. 

What does a Denver SEO marketing company do?

When you hire an SEO company, their experts can perform various services based on your needs. For example, your Denver SEO company may begin by redesigning your website, ensuring it effectively uses SEO best practices. Sites that are easy to navigate receive higher DA scores, which is why it’s crucial your site has a straightforward menu and makes it possible for visitors to move between pages without clicking the back button to leave a page without a menu.

Whether your team’s performing a site redesign or not, they can customize on-site content to boost your DA score. One way to do this involves adding appropriate keywords and phrases. This involves performing keyword research to identify the optimal phrases for your site. Your content must feature terms relevant to your site’s focus to ensure you attract visitors interested in your site’s content. When crawlers evaluate your site, they’ll connect it to the keywords featured, ensuring it’s listed on appropriate SERPs. All content features, including text and image names, should contain keywords.

Attracting relevant site traffic is another SEO strategy because it helps reduce your site’s bounce rate. Your bounce rate is determined by the number of visitors who leave your site without engaging with site content. A high bounce rate is an unfavorable SEO feature and lowers your DA score.

Your website also benefits from outbound links leading to reputable websites. When you link to sites with high DA scores, those sites lend their credibility to your site. You’ll also benefit from linking to reputable sites related to your industry. 

Does an SEO marketing strategy include off-site content?

Since SEO strategies involve boosting your website’s DA ranking, you might think that off-site content isn’t relevant. However, your off-site strategy can be a crucial part of your marketing plan. SEO companies can help generate backlinks from reputable industry blogs by contributing posts and linking your website in the bio. Adding links from social media sites can also bolster your DA score. 

SEO companies implement features that boost your website’s DA score. They also eliminate negative features that lower your score. Increasing your site’s score can raise your site’s profile, increase site traffic, and generate sales.