When and where to watch and what to expect from Park Bo Young drama

“Doom At Your Service” may just have aired its third episode, but it is already one of the biggest dramas of the year. Not only is the chemistry between the two main actors, Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young, explosive, but the promise of an ill-fated love story already has viewers grabbing tissues.

In Doom At Your Service, Seo In Guk plays the titular Myeol Mang (literally translated to Doom). This divine being is responsible for all the catastrophes and ruin that befall human beings.

However, there seems to be more to the character, as viewers would have learned from Episode 3. Park Bo Young’s Tak Dong Kyung must be relying on the same, as she makes a decision that could save her brother.

Fans can read on to learn more about what to expect from Doom At Your Service Episode 4.

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When and where to watch Doom At Your Service Episode 4?

Doom At Your Service airs on tvN in South Korea every Monday and Tuesday at 9 PM Korean Standard Time. Episode 4 will air on May 18th and will be available to stream internationally on Rakuten Viki shortly afterward.

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What happened previously in Doom At Your Service?

Over the first two episodes, viewers saw how Dong Kyung’s wish for doom to fall upon humanity got Myeol Mang’s attention. This leads him to convince her, often in dastardly ways, actually to wish upon the same. Dong Kyung, who has less than 100 days to live, thinks of backtracking, but given that she already made the deal, on breaking the contract, the person she loves the most will end up dying instead.

By the end of the second episode, Dong Kyung suddenly asks Myeol Mang to live together, which he accepts. When Episode 3 of Doom At Your Service starts, Dong Kyung is more fascinated by how he gets his house to be connected with hers.

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Viewers of Doom At Your Service also learn that when Dong Kyung and her brother, Tak Sun Kyung (SF9’s Dawon), were orphaned, her mother’s twin sister, Kang Soo Ja (Woo Hee Jin) who took them in as children.

Sun Kyung ends up meeting Myeol Mang but mistakes him to be his sister’s boyfriend.

Meanwhile, the mysterious god-like figure played by Jung Ji So, the only one who seems to know how Myeol Mang and Dong Kyung’s fates are tied up, “accidentally” bumps into the latter.

This leads her to remember seeing Myeol Mang during her parents’ funeral. She also sees him kneeling in front of an older woman’s picture and crying. He later admits that it was his mother, or “something like it.”

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Seeing the female goddess’s interference and that his fate and Dong Kyung were tied together before he knew it, Myeol Mang confronts the female goddess. Angry that he is but a pawn in the goddess’s plan, Myeol Mang becomes cruel to Dong Kyung, who arrives home late that night.

Even when she is in pain, he does not respond by holding her hand and taking the pain away. Instead, he asks her to make the wish for doom. She resists, and Myeol Mang finally relents.

Dong Kyung then threatens to jump off the building, but Myeol Mang catches her. She tells him that she knew he would hold on to her because she is human and decided to love him. She plans to make Myeol Mang the person she loves the most so that when the time comes, she believes she will not lose anyone important.

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What to expect in Doom At Your Service Episode 4?

The preview for the upcoming episode of Doom At Your Service shows that Myeol Mang will be in disbelief over what Dong Kyung said. He does not think she can love him, but she tells him that she will because she has to.

However, it looks like Myeol Mang will still be resisting and even threatens Sun Kyung’s life. It would seem like Sun Kyung does get hurt as viewers see a worried Dong Kyung rush to the hospital.

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Doom At Your Service viewers will also see the development of the backstory between Dong Kyung’s friend and web novel writer Na Ji Na, aka Lee Hyeon (Shin Do Hyun), and her high school boyfriend. He is the inspiration for her pen name, Lee Hyeon Kyu (Kang Tae Oh), who (it has been hinted) probably abandoned her to study abroad.

There is also a love triangle forming between Ji Na, Hyeon Kyu, and Dong Kyung’s team leader at work, Cha Joo Ik (Lee Soo Hyuk).

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