September 30, 2022


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Why is SEO Vital to Local Marketing?

Did you know that even though online visibility has increased for businesses of all sizes, more people are searching and buying locally? With the growth of mobile devices and apps like Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook Places, and Google+, it’s easier than ever to find a business based on location.

 In fact, according to research by BrightLocal*, 25% of consumers use smartphones or other mobile devices when researching local businesses! It means that as marketers, you need to ensure your sites are optimized for these types of searches — otherwise, customers will turn elsewhere. This blog post will explain why SEO is crucial to local marketing.

It’s easier than ever before

With the help of a few great SEO companies like SEO consultancy London, you can reap the benefits of local search without being an expert yourself. Many companies will offer services like setting up Google Places for your business, helping you to claim and optimize for relevant keywords, as well as providing valuable content through blogs or press releases. There are plenty of ways that SEO companies can help you achieve a better online presence without doing all the hard work yourself!

 Better rankings for targeted keywords

Local SEO is crucial to your online marketing because it will result in better rankings for the keywords you want. Local search accounts for 35-50% of consumers’ searches, and searches related to the location have grown substantially over the past five years. Monitoring these types of searches can help you to track your growth and the potential for more traffic in the future.

Increased visibility on mobile searches

With Google rolling out their local mobile search results, having a solid online presence in this area will help increase your visibility, boosting your chances of gaining new customers. 50% of users who search for businesses use their smartphones or tablets. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you may be missing out on the future of local search.

Potential clients in your area

For every 5-10 leads you get from your website, at least 2 of them will become customers. Having more traffic to your site means having a higher potential for success. If you are currently getting 1,000 visitors a month through your website, but you can increase those visits to 2,000 with local SEO efforts — that’s an extra 1,000 leads for your business.

 Better brand awareness

If you are working on a local level, you can target customers within your area. In doing so, you’re able to market your business and build brand awareness where it matters most — in your community. Companies that offer a sense of society tend to do well through word-of-mouth — meaning that if you do local marketing right, you can appeal to your customers’ interests and benefit from word-of-mouth advertising.

So if you want better rankings for targeted keywords, increased visibility on mobile search engines, or simply because you want as many people as possible in your area knowing about your company – don’t wait another day to contact SEO consultancy London! Our team will be happy to work with you.


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