Wispr AI Raises $4.6 Million In Seed Round

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Wispr AI, a neurotechnology company aimed at developing the next generation of human-computer interfaces, has closed $4.6 million in Seed funding co-led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and 8VC. 


WisprAI plans to utilize the funds to accelerate development of the first functional thought-powered digital interface. The company is bringing together a formidable team of world-class neuroscientists, hardware engineers, machine learning engineers and product engineers who are passionate about changing the world, siad a statement.

Wispr AI is building a wearable that can convert deliberate thought into action and high-bandwidth digital input. By combining the latest advancements in deep learning, electrical interfaces and neuroscience, the company will allow users to interface with our increasingly immersive digital world in truly seamless fashion.

“The technologies we use are evolving at an unprecedented pace. We have moved from phones to smartwatches, VR headsets and immersive augmented experiences. How we interact with this technology will be one of the biggest questions to shape this decade. As we move away from keyboards and voice, the next generation of interfaces are going to be more natural, seamless and private. Our mission is to bring these interfaces to every single person in India and around the globe,” said  Tanay Kothari, co-founder and CEO of Wispr AI.

“What this means is that Wispr’s technology would be akin to wearable devices people are already used to and would inconspicuously fit into their lives.  It’s brilliant how the team is looking at solving this problem. It’s rare to find a combination of founders who are deeply technical and at the same time so focused on developing a product that is consumer-centric,”said Alex Kolicich, founding partner at 8VC.

Founded in 2020, Wispr AI is innovating to bring the next generation of wearable neural interfaces. Its vision is to replace existing interfaces of communication with one powered directly by thought, erasing the final dividing line between people and the technologies they interact with. Wispr AI is a scientifically-grounded, product-focused company headquartered in San Francisco, added the statement.