August 16, 2022


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You will get WordPress Yoast SEO Expert to Turn Full Green Light | SEO Keyword research

Hey there, Hope you are doing great!
Congrats to get an expert Email copywriter, SEO website copywriter, and Website articles and content writer.

So, let’s get started to prove it why I have said you the Congratulation on your first success in the business by my Copywriting.

The website has a landing page that compels the visitors to go through the whole website. But the Landing page needs compelling and engaging copywriting to stay with your visitors for a lifetime means permanent customers.

So, don’t worry, I have a special formula and creative skills that will compel your visitors to stay on the website for a long time and help to increase the conversion rate.

Would you like to convert your 2 digits Dollars into 6 Digits $$$ Income right now by my persuasive website copywriting, SEO copywriting, web copywriting? Yes…

Great Fortune!

After having spent most of my life studying marketing and selling, I’ve genuinely learned how to exploit the right psychological triggers behind the buying action.

Humans have a shorter attention span than a goldfish – ONLY 8 seconds to decide for making a purchase after reading your copywriting.

Meaning you have a mere few seconds to grab your buyer’s attention in your website copywriting and show them why you’re the best option over the rest.

Ultimately, it comes down to buyer psychology and understanding them on a deep human meta-level. When they feel you understand them better than anyone else, they will be your customer for a lifetime – meaning more $$ in your pocket.

What will you get by choosing to collaborate with me?

High-Conversion Persuasive website Copywriting for your purposes: High-Quality Copywriting to better exploit your prospects’ pain points and make them swipe their cards.

100% Sales-Oriented Copywriting: You will get copy aimed at selling or promoting products or services. Each copy follows specific persuasion techniques to achieve your goals.


Email Copywriting will be a very effective way to increase sales more and more if your Email has an attractive, creative, and compact use of words.

According to a research, email marketing has an ROI of $38 for every dollar spent. So, now you can guess how much you can get.

My target is to provide such EMAIL copywriting for your Target category that will have the power of words to generate sales and will convert words into $$$$.


My email copy will be based on the AIDA model
I – Interest
D – Desire
A- Action
which will make your email copywriting stand out and prepare these emails to convert your few dollars into 6 digits income.
If your targeted customers visit the promotion tab in the Gmail inbox, they will never come back without visiting your website in order to call to action with a guarantee because;

“Human Have A Shorter Attention Span Than A Goldfish – JUST 8-10 Seconds” then the usage of the persuasive words AIDA Model will provide your customers a beam of light.

Each email Copy will contain;

Catchy Subject Line
Preview text(Depending on which software you are using for email marketing)
Attention-grabbing Headlines
Unique Selling Points
Creating Urgency
Powerful CTA

If you want email sequences, then, there will be extra subject lines if you want to A/B test your emails.

I have some important questions;
Which email software you are using at the moment?
What are you trying to accomplish with these emails?
what product or service are you selling?
Who is the target market?
Your targeted audience?

In order to convert more visitors into customers, you are just one small step away that is to contact me. Ping me know, and flow your business from know.

I hope you will get your job.

If you have any questions or need more services that I have not mentioned, shoot me a message, I will be here to help you ASAP.

OK, I am excited to discuss about Email Copywriting and Website Copywriting jobs.


BEST REGARDS_________________________