4 Ways Cloud Staffing Software Saves Your Time, Money, & Placements

Cloud computing has transformed the way business is done. At least 95% of enterprises are using some form of cloud services, whether they are cloud platforms, storage, applications, or a combination. For those companies in the staffing industry, cloud staffing software needs to be part of that equation. The value provided in greater security, mobility, performance, and scalability offer comprehensive value to staffing firms using their staffing software to the fullest.

Here are some of the most advantageous benefits of using cloud staffing software compared to full-on enterprise software.

1.) Higher Level Disaster Recovery & Security
Keeping staffing data secure can be a pricey process. Backups, secure hardware, trained IT security professionals, and other security measures escalate costs faster than you can say “data breach,” especially as cyber threats continue to multiply at an alarming rate. Last year’s worrisome increase in ransomware (which cost worldwide businesses $1 billion in ransom payouts) makes a strong security and disaster recovery response all the more important to staffing firms.

The right cloud staffing software should contribute to both your security and disaster recovery options. Your software should be implementing and encouraging your employees to use as many IT security best practices as possible. Some staffing software requires users to build complex passwords from a combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers, and special characters before they get approval. Additionally, you need to know that your staffing software partner is using a team of Systems Engineers who prioritize thorough work and security best practices to deny hackers back door access in the first place.

Your staffing software should use a Tier 4 data center which offers some of the highest uptime and security options of any hosting environment. For a data center to receive this level of accreditation, there needs to be a fault-tolerant site infrastructure which, through electrical power storage and dedicated distribution facilities, offers an expected 99.995% availability. That way, in the event of an outage or even data being held for ransom locally, your cloud software can simply restore your system to the last saved server copy.

2.) Greater Mobility When Recruiters Need It Most
The current state of the market makes every placement a competition to see which staffing firm is fastest on the reflexes. Recruiters and sales teams that are tethered to their desks are at a serious disadvantage. Especially when the competition is able to update their CRM and swiftly contact clients and candidates on-the-go.

By using the right cloud staffing software, staffing firms upgrade their ability to quickly move on placements. Recruiters with the ability to contact candidates any time from any place expand their ability to close placements when candidates are actually available. Plus, it improves the ability of your team to make site visits and still manage multiple candidates at once. The ability available through top cloud staffing software to access the full features of their software really makes a difference when compared to mobile apps that are an afterthought.

3.) Software Upgrades That Don’t Interrupt Business
Old school enterprise software had a serious shortcoming when it came to updates and scalability. When new features were added, staffing agencies would either need to do a comprehensive system update or upgrade their package with the vendor. When it came time for the upgrade, access to vital information for sales and recruiting teams would be put on pause while you downloaded the expanded software package. In an industry where a few hours can lose high demand talent, any delay is unacceptable.

Cloud staffing software, as service oriented software, rarely has the monumental changes that derail operations with each upgrade. New features and patches are added incrementally and the changes are made on the software provider’s servers, preventing the major lag on your internal systems.

4.) Cutting Out Server Related Expenses
On-site servers for your staffing data are a huge financial drain. They take up unnecessary physical space that adds to property rental costs, elevate electricity expenses, demand an investment in hardware that is difficult to resell, and require on-site technicians to monitor, support, and fix. Unless you are in the data center business, it’s secondary expenses that cost way more than it is worth. Especially when a cost effective option like cloud staffing software exists.

With cloud options, staffing firms are able to scale their business to meet the current storage demands. Your staffing software provider only has you paying for the amount of storage space you actually use, meaning there are no extraneous costs for unused chunks of hard drive space. Additionally, the cloud software provider can spread the cost of their data center across the full range of their clients, considerably decreasing the cost per file.

Getting the Best Cloud Staffing Software for Your Buck
Now that cloud software has gone mainstream, staffing firms have a multitude of options to ensure they have selected the tool that will save them the most time, money, and placements.

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