5 Major Preventative Tips to Maintain Your Home

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or an experienced pro, home maintenance is critical to keeping your home in good condition. In reality, preventative home maintenance can help you resolve an issue before it escalates into a much bigger, time-consuming, and expensive problem.

Maintaining your home well will help it appear fantastic for many years to come and eventually raise its worth. Who doesn’t enjoy increasing their house’s equity? You can even utilize that equity to assist with the cost of some of the larger home maintenance tasks we’ll talk about.

  1. Windows

You adore them, but they are difficult to keep clean. Keep them looking fantastic by getting a bucket of soapy water and washing both inside and outside. While you’re at it, inspect the locks and seals to verify they open and close properly. 

If your windows require additional sealing, head to your favorite hardware shop and get a tube or two of painter’s caulk. Appropriate caulking keeps water and insects out. 

Suppose, your home windows get in a condition that won’t be fixed, then don’t worry. Just hire a licensed window specialist who can assist you in residential window replacement.

  1. Siding

A multitude of materials, including wood, vinyl, brick, aluminum, stucco, HardiePlank (fiber cement board), and brick, can be used for your home’s siding. Regardless of the type, carefully inspect your siding and check for signs of dry rot, pest infestation, and missing or broken pieces.

Keeping your siding in its best condition will help protect your major investment for years to come. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend a lump sum amount to hire a specialized siding contractor who will resolve your home’s siding issues. 

  1. Doors

The most important aspect of home maintenance for exterior doors is to ensure that the weather stripping is in excellent condition, with no tears or missing parts. 

A poor seal not only allows heat and cold air to escape but also allows insects to enter. Yuck! Also, like your windows, check to determine if your door frame requires any caulking. Try giving them a few sprays of WD-40 or a similar lubricant if they are noisy or hard to open.

  1. Walls

To clean a wall, homeowners must know the appropriate care to provide depending on the type of paint or wall covering. Paint with a semi-gloss finish may tolerate gentle wiping with a moist cloth. A modest bit of dish soap might help you remove stains. 

The majority of wallpapers are similar. Paint with a flat finish is often resistant to moisture and will leave a stain. In this case, folks should dust the walls at least once a month and be prepared to repaint after clearing spillage.

  1. Roof

Cleaning the roof requires extra attention. Being a homeowner, wear protective gear, choose a clear day with sufficient vision for the task, and have a second person assist you in getting up and down. Roof shingles can be a breeding habitat for algae, which resembles mold. 

The best way to remove it is with a cleaning agent designed for roofing shingles and a garden hose. While on the roof, people may wish to inspect the surface for signs of missing or worn shingles.

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