Best SEO Affiliate Programs for Earning Extra Income

In 2021, the SEO industry has reached 80 billion dollars, with millions of entrepreneurs spending on it to increase their site’s traffic, conversions, and sales organically. The average small business in the US spends each month 500 dollars on SEO services.

Those businesses spend those big bucks every day for one reason: SEO works and gives you tangible results. Therefore, start considering SEO affiliate marketing programs. It’s a great way to build a passive income using your engaging content.

So if you’re looking to build extra income using an SEO affiliate program you can promote, these are the 3 best.

How Do SEO Affiliate Programs Work?

SEO affiliate programs take the principle of affiliate marketing, which is the promotion of a service or a product on another person’s platform for a commission. It’s a modern take on an old idea – taking a commission on someone’s sales.

SEO affiliate programs diverge from affiliate marketing in the delivery. In a conventional affiliate marketing program, the marketer would get a cut on the sales. With SEO affiliate marketing, the marketer gets a commission when the target audience performs a “desired action”.

By the “desired action”, it doesn’t mean sales. Why? Because some affiliate programs offer CPA, which stands for Cost-Per-Action. For instance, an action that the audience doesn’t need to buy from you for you to make money is when the visitor fills out a form.

For this, you can use your affiliate links on any of your web content so that people can engage (click) on those links to generate “desired actions”.

It’s that simple!

Benefits Of Using SEO Affiliate Programs

There are few downsides to being an affiliate. It’s a low-cost business model and is pretty quick to start. You also don’t lose money if your links flop, you simply don’t make money or rather commission.

Of course, if you want to join an affiliate marketing program, you need to show love for your product, or else, you’ll sound like a “smarty salesperson”, and no one likes that. This is a great opportunity to represent and promote a company that offers services and/or products you love.

It’s also a brilliant method to generate passive income. While affiliate marketing isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme, it’s an ingenious way to generate affiliate commission payments. Of course, promoting your content to generate those 6 figures sales either requires a large engaged audience or patience and determination.

The Top 3 SEO Affiliate Programs For 2021

There are a lot of approaches to make online by using your authority on a subject. Whether you are a blogger, content marketer, or SEO specialist. With a big or limited budget, let’s see which program applies the most to you.

Semrush (BeRush) Affiliate Program: Best Affiliate Program For Bloggers

BeRush, also known as Semrush affiliate program, is the best affiliate program for bloggers. It’s widely used worldwide, with 5 million recurring users. The principal reason it is so successful is because of the amazing affiliate program which allows you to earn a 40% recurring commission on sales.

If you’re looking for recurring SEO affiliates for your blog, you should most definitively try Berush. The Semrush platform offers over 40 tools, from keyword research to competitor analysis.


  • Their use of the “First Cookie Wins” model (if someone first clicks on your affiliate link and then uses someone else’s affiliate link to buy any subscription plan from Semrush, you’ll get the commission because of the first cookie model)
  • 10 years of cookie life
  • 40% commission
  • They send the commissions via Paypal, with a minimum of $50. There is a wire transfer option, with a minimum of $1000
  • Payouts are biweekly (10th and 25th) of each month.


  • Their first cookie wins concept can be an inconvenience sometimes (if you’re in a place where you persuaded someone to sign up for Semrush using your link but you won’t get a commission if they already have clicked on another’s affiliate link)

The HOTH SEO Affiliates Program: Best For Content Marketers

The HOTH is an SEO and content marketing company that offers a multitude of SEO tools, such as Rank checker, SEO audit, and PPC calculator. This package offers various services, from link building to PPC ads, which can interest your audience.


  • Earn up to 25% commissions on HOTH products (the more expensive, the higher the commission)
  • Offers you a 60-day cookie
  • High converting funnel that helps you to do more sales


  • Although it’s a well-known brand among many SEO specialists, HOTH is not a popular platform for SEO products or packages

Serpstat Affiliate Program: Most Affordable For Your Audience

If you’re looking to promote a more affordable alternative to your audience, Serpstat is a splendid choice. Starting at $69, it’s cheaper than most other competitors while offering solid services.

But, unlike its competitors, Serpstat offers a different commission structure: instead of a flat percentage, they based their commission on volume. For instance, the more people use your links, the higher the commission will be. Here is a screenshot to clarify.

Best SEO Affiliate Programs for Earning Extra Income

  • 1 to 3 payments: 5% commission.
  • 4-10 payments: 10% commission
  • 11-20 payments: 20% commission
  • 21 and more: 30% commission

If you’re planning to offer an affordable all-in-one SEO tool to your audience, Serpstat is the product for you.


  • Up to 30% recurring commissions
  • They make monthly payouts and the minimum sum for withdrawal is $50, via either WebMoney or PayPal
  • Real-time reporting is available 24/7
  • You’ll have access to all the banners and promo materials to promote their platform


  • They don’t offer a flat commission on the get-go

Final Thought

They are multiple reasons you should do affiliate marketing: promoting products and/or services you use and like and monetizing your engaging content, for instance. Especially for content marketers, SEO specialists, and bloggers, this opportunity could create passive income by promoting useful platforms for your audience.

Of course, it’s not a “get rich quick” scheme that’ll make you a millionaire overnight, but it is a sensible and ingenious way to engage your audience with useful tools while making a buck on the side.