Computer Repair: Onsite Vs Remote Support Services

For most home computer users and also many busy professionals, computer downtime is a scary prospect. People are highly dependent on their computers for communication, data storage, work, personal hobbies etc. Hence they require timely and expert help when it comes to repair services.

With the advent of remote support services, many technical problems can be sorted out with the help of a remote technician who is often part of the computer manufacturing company and can instruct the user to perform a series of tasks to get the computer working. Parts can also be shipped out by the manufacturers. Yet many people still prefer to employ a “real-life” technician who will visit them and conduct the repairs.

The factors involved in choosing either onsite and remote repair services are many.

Location is not a problem with remote services.

You get almost instantaneous response. You can get started on fixing the problem almost immediately and get a satisfactory resolution to the problem in the space of your working day itself. Waiting for the technician to visit you can be frustrating, especially if they are busy on other calls. Another plus-point of remote is that you don’t have to haul your system down to the repair services’ premises for a diagnosis.

Value for money/ time is assured with remote services, since you are getting a dedicated service for your hourly rates. In onsite situations, the technician may charge heavily for each visit and in case your system is transferred to their repair premises, you may not know when the problem will be resolved.

Protection and confidentiality are maintained in remote working since your system doesn’t leave your premises.

However if like many computer users, you are uncomfortable with DIY, then remote is not for you. Getting an expert to visit and discussing face-to-face would make you feel more secure.

Another issue with remote services is that it’s useful only if your computer is working – if you have a complete breakdown, you cannot avail of remote services.

Hardware issues are best settled with an onsite visit, since remote is inadequate in solving highly complex technical problems.

Follow-up, upgrades and maintenance contracts are best enforced through onsite work unless you are a qualified computer geek yourself.

Value-adds with remote may be that you actually get to learn some simple tips and tricks to do your own fixing when similar problems recur. Onsite technicians generally charge by the hour, so you may not get any additional stuff from them.

Depending on the nature of the problem and your own comfort levels, you can choose either onsite or remote computer repair services.

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