Doom At Your Service: Seo In Guk & Park Bo Young look ethereal in character posters for upcoming fantasy drama

Character posters have been unveiled for the upcoming tvN drama Doom at Your Service starring Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk.

Doom At Your Service: Seo In Guk & Park Bo Young look ethereal in character posters for upcoming fantasy drama

This year not only promises amazing dramas but some rather interesting pairings! Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young will be paired opposite each other in the new drama, Doom At Your Service! The upcoming fantasy romance drama follows the story of Myul Mang, played by Seo In Guk who causes everything he touches to vanish. His name itself means, doom! His life changes when he encounters Tak Dong Kyung, played by Park Bo Young, who puts her life on the line to avoid her fate. The main cast includes Park Bo Young, Seo In Guk, Lee Soo Hyuk, Kang Tae Oh, and Shin Do Hyun. The drama is written by Im Me Ah Ri, of Beauty Inside and will be directed by, Kwon Young Il of Unfamiliar Family fame.

Park Bo Young looks beautiful as she is bathed in pink and purple glow. Bo Young”s eyes are dreamy, as a subtle smile plays on her lips. In Guk on the other hand looks sharp and handsome as he is bathed in an aqua green-blue glow. His face registers a more sombre and lonesome expression, quite opposite to that of Bo Young! These character posters certainly generate more curiosity in the viewers’ minds for this upcoming fantasy-romance drama. 

You can check out the ethereal character posters below:

Meanwhile, the talented singer-turned-actor Seo In Guk is confirmed to make a special appearance on the Song Kang starrer, Navillera. The cameo was made possible because Seo In Guk and Navillera’s director, Han Dong Hwa share a special connection – they’ve worked together in the drama Squad 38 in 2016 and have been maintaining a level of trust ever since. Doom at Your Service will premiere on May 10 at 9 pm KST following the conclusion of Navillera.

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