E-PR’s Solution to Replacing SEO and Contextual Advertising

E-PR’s Solution to Replacing SEO and Contextual Advertising

E-PR’s Solution to Replacing SEO and Contextual Advertising

Currently, there are a lot of people that are unhappy with SEO and contextual advertising. In the market, there are a lot of companies that promise that once you pay them money, they will get you to the top of Google through SEO or through contextual advertising. What happens, in reality, is that they do not get you to the top of Google, and the company will tell you that you need to pay more money and they will try again.

At e-PR, an international online PR firm, they follow a different method. Their CEO, Yury Mosha himself tried SEO advertising for his other business, Second Passport. It did not give him the desired results, and he ended up spending a lot of money on a pointless campaign. From there, the idea for e-PR was born, where everything is in one place and it actually works.

The company has over 6,000 media outlets in all countries from all over the world such as the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, China, Spain, Canada, and many more. They are a startup that is currently working on their platform to make it automized. Once fully ready, clients will be able to look through various media options based on their budget, geographic location, demographic information, language, topics, and more.

With e-PR, they help you actually get to the top of Google with articles. This is something that they have tried and tested on many of their clients, even on those who didn’t believe in them. They have had clients who came to them and had little hope that their methods would work, as they had already gone to all of the top SEO companies and had no faith in the process. However, after the publication was live, they did reach the top of Google Search and Google News. With this sort of advertising, you also only have to pay once, which is a great benefit. Once it is paid for, it will then appear on the search engine and will stay there for many years.

Pictured: CEO Yury Mosha

An aspect of branding that is very important is credibility. By publishing in large media outlets, a company can easily gain a trustworthy brand personality. If media platforms that are already trustworthy in the public eye have content about a company such as The New York Times, CBS, Forbes, or any other, then that will automatically give your business credibility. So, alongside advertising for your company, you are also gaining trust from consumers.

While the methods of e-PR are effective, they are also quick and inexpensive. Traditional PR firms work by having this done manually, with constant communication between account managers and higher-ups. Whereas now, all of this is readily available online with thousands of options that the client can choose from on their own.

Once a client decides on what media platforms they would like to publish on, e-PR has professional copywriters that can create content for them, if they do not have materials ready. While they can also create content, they can also translate any content for them into any language necessary.

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At e-PR, they also have consultants that can help a client decide on what media platforms would be better for them. For example, there may be two media sites that are similar in price and topic. However, one of their experts will be able to make an informed decision based on factors such as the domain authority of the site, monthly visitors, organic traffic, target audience, and other details. In the future, they plan on having the Similar Web system on their platform where clients will be able to access this information themselves.

e-PR is an innovative company. They changed the traditional route in PR into a digital marketplace for all users to engage with. Amazon did this with ecommerce, and they are doing this with PR. To learn more about the company and to check out their services, visit their website.