Fans love the fluff, but unhappy about why there’s no kiss between Seo In-guk, Park Bo-young

Doom at Your Service came to an end with episode 16 that aired on June 29. It started with Dong-kyung (Park Bo-young) meeting Myulmang (Seo In-guk), who is technically not a God but a human at the moment.

He returned after 100 days, just as fans had guessed earlier. However, this is not explicitly stated in the show. Instead, the days marked in red on the calendar amount to three months and a few days.

When Dong-kyung asked Myulmang how he returned, he explained simplistically. He told her that the butterfly that died in God’s garden was able to be born as a flower.

The garden is a reference to Eden’s garden. Myulmang used to be the garden’s butterfly that helped the flowers, and the flowers are humans. The explanation is logically weak, and Dong-kyung is also shocked when her brother recognized Myulmang.

Yet, fans loved this simplistic explanation because of the chemistry between actors Park Bo-young and Seo In-guk. Fans felt that the episode had just the right amount of fluff, and all the heartwarming moments that made it to the finale were great.

However, fans did have one major complaint. They do understand the show is PG-13. The fact that the last episode did not see Myulmang and Dong-kyung kiss each other has left them happy.

Why can Sun-kyung recognize Myulmang after he returns as Kim Saram in Doom at Your Service?

She had guessed he wouldn’t be able to return because Myulmang’s features had looked different to her friends and relatives in the past. However, that is not the case anymore. Myulmang understood instantly that it would have been the work of Sonyeoshin.

The same Sonyeoshin who decided she will now live as a human too. However, unlike Myulmang, she still has her powers intact. In the meantime, Myulmang and Dong-kyung start getting accustomed to their new lives.

What did Myulmang do as Kim Saram in Doom at Your Service?

Myulmang also adapted to life as a human in Doom at Your Service, and he chose to go with the profession that he used as cover when he was Doom. He becomes a doctor, mingles with Dong-kyung’s family and cherishes his relationship with Dong-kyung.

Dong-kyung also does the same, but she did this by writing Myulmang’s story as a novel in Doom at Your Service. She revisited everything that happened between the two of them through the novel. She cherished every moment that took Myulmang to become Kim Saram, the human.

For every moment that Dong-kyung spent apart from Myulmang, she was rewarded. She was able to introduce Kim Saram as her boyfriend to not just her family, but also her friends.

She also pursues her interest in writing in secret while trying to build a normal life that has no elements of the supernatural any more. She hid it from her best friend Ji-na as well.

Who did Ji-na end up with in Doom at Your Service?

Speaking of Ji-na, fans did not bother much about who she chose. This plotline was something that perturbed audiences from the very beginning in Doom at Your Service. It was something that distracted audiences from the main plot in Doom at Your Service.

However, here’s what happened in Doom at Your Service. She chose to get together with Cha Joo-ik and also introduced him officially to Dong-kyung and her family. The meeting happened to be a kimchi-making day that also saw Kim Saram work hard spicing up the kimchi, making for a very domestic experience.

Not only did fans not care about Ji-na, Hyun-kyu and Joo-ik’s love triangle, many also ranted about Joo-ik’s toxic behavior. From lying to his best friend, using his work to get a foot into a girl’s personal life, to kissing a young girl without her permission, everything was problematic.

However, Doom at Your Service was enjoyed solely because of the chemistry between Seo In-guk and Park Bo-young.