Features, Price Plans To Boost Traffic

As more businesses are being launched, competition continues to get tougher. It’s important that big and small businesses step up their game in creating more engaging, creative and innovative campaigns that uniquely represent their brand.

To ensure that your campaign gets noticed, you must boost its visibility in search engine results. Most consumers access sites that are at the top of the Google, Yahoo or Bing search lists, hence, these sites will have more visitors.

Businesses should be able to adapt to their ever-changing environment, which relies on trends, algorithm and behavioral changes to stay competitive.

If your business is struggling to find ways to increase traffic to your sites and address such challenges, you must use a search engine optimization (SEO) tool like SiteGuru.

Features, Price Plans To Boost Traffic SiteGuru Features Photo: AppSumo/ appsumo.com

SiteGuru is an easy-to-use software that provides weekly SEO audits. It identifies issues and any errors in your site that may affect your ranking on search engine results. Your website ranking will quickly improve as it has features like automated site crawlers, detailed reporting, SEO performance tacker and many more.

SiteGuru: How It Works SiteGuru: How It Works Photo: AppSumo/ appsumo.com

1. Run a Website Audit

Within 15 minutes, the software can analyze solutions to address SEO traffic issues. You’ll be provided with a list of SEO tasks such as improving page speed and meta descriptions or avoiding internal redirects.

2. Identify Opportunities

SiteGuru allows your site to connect with Google Analytics and Google Search Console wherein you can gain more access to the results of changes made to the site, determine new SEO opportunities and oversee the website’s performance.

3. Get Updates

The software guarantees that your site will never get left behind as it will automatically notify you when issues occur. It’s effective monitoring can also help you reduce costs, as you won’t need to hire SEO consultants.

SiteGuru Features SiteGuru Features Photo: AppSumo/ appsumo.com

1. Automated Site Crawls

This feature enables you get a full overview of your website, even pages that have gone unnoticed. You can gain access to its structure such as sitemaps, internal links or canonicals.

2. SEO to-do list

If you don’t want the hassle of reading long reports, this is the perfect tool for you. It provides a c
omplete list of SEO tasks in order of importance. Hence, you can quickly address issues in your site to boost visibility. The feature determines whether there are broken links, duplicate meta descriptions or slow pages.

3. Working with clients

With this feature, you can conveniently and easily work with your team to improve your website. All you need to do is send an invite to your colleagues, so they can quickly access your SiteGuru account. This does not have any limit to invites, anyone with access can use it.

4. Keep track of changes

The software monitors your website so you can keep track of sudden changes in page titles, page speed and canonicals. This prompts you to quickly implement solutions in improving traffic and your business’ reputation.

5. Exports CSV and Word

You can now easily convert reports into CSV or MS Word if needed. It will also include your logo and company name after the conversion. This ensures that files are uniquely yours.

6. Link Google Analytics and Google Search Control

Google is one of the most visited search engines. It’s important that your business does not fall behind in its search engine results. With this feature, you can connect with Google Analytics and Google Search Console so you can easily determine keyword ranks in pages, improve your clickthrough rate and monitor your site’s ranking.

7. Meta descriptions and titles

Having a good meta description and title can affect how visitors view your site, especially what’s unique and interesting. This feature allows you to access duplicate titles or descriptions so you’ll get an idea of where your site should focus.

8. SEO performance tracker

SiteGuru can be used as your personal SEO dashboard, as it can keep track of important keywords, the pages of your competitors, traffic sources and visitor engagements in the site. Everything you need to know about your SEO performance can be accessed in one tool, hence, there’s less hassle of switching tabs.

9. Page speed and Core Web Vitals

Slow page speeds can discourage visitors to continue checking your site. If it takes too long to load, they might leave your website or give a bad review. The software comes with a Pagespeed API, which provides page speed results in one list. It guarantees that you won’t miss a single detail, hence, all pages will have an accurate and ideal speed.

10. Indexation

This feature gives an indexation report which shows pages that can be indexed by Google or errors that prevent them from being indexed through the Page Inspect tool. It’ll aid in monitoring how Google crawls and indexes your site.

11. Sitemaps

Sitemaps help highlight important pages of your site and understand it’s structure so it can be easily navigated by visitors. This feature gives an in-depth report of whether the sitemap is completed, updated and accurate, which can help reduce broken, missing or redirected pages.

12. Broken links and redirects

You can now spend less time double-checking broken links as the software can quickly do it for you. It can identify working links from those that are inaccessible. It makes it easier for you to improve internal linking in the site.

13. Structured Data

The software provides a report which shows the type of structured data there are in different pages. This can give you an idea of the trending data so you can come up with more strategies to boost your site’s visibility.

14. Canonical URLS

Canonical URLS help prevent issues of duplication in links, pages or content. Having the wrong one can lead to damages in your SEO system. With this feature, it can highlight which URLs are non-canonical, self-referencing, so you’ll know which links need to be immediately fixed.

15. Hreflangs

If your business is aiming to expand internationally, your site must target the right audiences depending on their geographic location. It’s a complicated and long process, where most SEO audit makers have challenges in. This feature creates a detailed report of which pages have hreflangs that match certain locations. This ensures no page or language goes unnoticed.

16. Detailed Reporting

SiteGuru provides a detailed report of what your site needs to improve on such as page structure and headings, internal linking opportunities, identifying images without alt texts and many more.

SiteGuru Pricing SiteGuru Pricing Photo: AppSumo/ appsumo.com

If you want to use SiteGuru for a long time, then you should get a deal that allows you to use the software as long as it’s still operational. When you purchase it on AppSumo, you’ll get lifetime access for only $49.

This includes access for one website and at least 500 pages, unlimited users can use the account, export files to CSV and download reports in MS Word format.