Good Stocks To Buy Right Now? 4 Advertising Stocks To Watch

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4 Top Advertising Stocks To Watch Before July 2021

Advertising stocks have been making waves in the stock market lately. This comes after the news that Alphabet Inc’s (NASDAQ: GOOGL) subsidiary Google is pushing back its timeline to deprecate third-party tracking cookies until 2023. This gives digital advertisers more time to iron out plans for more privacy-conscious targeted ads. Cookies are small pieces of code that websites deliver to a visitor’s browser and stick around as the person visits other sites. So what this means is they could track users across multiple sites to target ads. 

Now that Google is updating its timeline, advertising technology companies are given a huge boost. After all, every marketer is starting to view technology as an important factor when it comes to development and growth. We have social media companies such as Snap Inc (NYSE: SNAP) and Pinterest Inc (NYSE: PINS) which utilize augmented reality (AR) to advertise products online. You could now try on makeup through AR before you buy it. With all these in mind, here is a list of four top advertising stocks in the stock market today that could benefit from Google’s recent announcement. 

Top Advertising Stocks To Buy [Or Sell] Now

Trade Desk Inc

The first advertising company we have on the list is Trade Desk. It provides a self-service platform that enables clients to purchase and manage digital advertising campaigns across various advertising formats. Media planners at an advertising agency will be able to purchase digital media programmatically on various media exchanges and sell-side platforms. TTD stock has been trading sideways since the start of the year. However, it has climbed by over 20% over the past week. 

Last week, the company launched its operations in India and appointed Tejinder Gill as the company’s India General Manager. Rapid digitization of the media industry has provided a paradigm shift in the way Indians consume content online. So, Tejinder will be leading the company’s business and growth strategy to help Indian brands and publishers unleash their full potential. After all, digital advertising is the fastest-growing advertising segment in India. 

In May, Trade Desk announced its first-quarter financial results. The company’s revenue came in at $220 million, up by 37% year-over-year. In the same quarter, it partnered with Walmart to launch a new demand-side platform based on the company’s platform that will provide advertisers with access to unique Walmart shopper data and sales measurement data. This goes to show how marketers are appreciating the value of data-driven advertising provided by the company. With all these in mind, would you consider TTD stock a top advertising stock to watch now?

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Magnite Inc

Next, we have Magnite Inc, formerly known as The Rubicon Project, Inc. Essentially, the company provides a tech solution to automate the purchase and sale of digital advertising inventory for buyers and sellers. Its clients are mostly publishers of websites, Connected Television (CTV) channels, mobile applications, and buyers of digital advertising inventory. If you were one of the investors who believed in the company a year ago, you would’ve seen gains of over 400% over the past year. 

Earlier this month, the company along with tvScientific, a CTV buying and attribution company, announced a first-of-its-kind program to connect CTV publishers with a new class of TV buyers. Specifically, digital-first performance marketers that have not traditionally engaged in CTV advertising. According to the co-founder and CEO of tvScientific, today’s $72 billion TV advertising market is exclusive to the top 300 to 500 brands that own the influential space.

Furthermore, it has been reported that 63% of all TV viewing is happening on streaming services today. It only makes sense that marketers are showing great interest in CTV advertising. So, both companies aim to empower a more diverse set of advertisers. Hopefully, this would then help bring additional demand for CTV publishers as well as provide performance marketers with a more accessible way to promote their brands. All things considered, would you consider adding MGNI stock to your watchlist?

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Criteo SA 

Criteo SA is a France-based company specializing in digital performance marketing. Its solution consists of the Criteo Engine, the company’s data assets, access to inventory, and its advertiser and publisher platforms. The Criteo Engine consists of various machine learning algorithms, such as prediction, recommendation, bidding, and creative algorithms. CRTO stock has been on a bullish trend over the past year. It has risen over 270% during this period. 

A three-year partnership between Criteo and Carrefour Group was penned last week. This makes Carrefour the first food retailer in Europe to use the Criteo Retain Media tech platform which enables retailers to leverage their online inventory and data. As per the agreement, it includes the deployment of Criteo’s platform in 9 key countries for the Carrefour Group, starting with France. Both companies have come to realize the importance of retail media as an essential component for growth. This partnership takes the full measure of the challenges of e-commerce. 

Criteo gave an update on data that shows in-store sales transaction has increased by 8% in May when compared to pre-pandemic levels from February 2020. The company has helped marketers optimize campaigns and drive more sales in their stores through its Store Sales solution. The retailers who have implemented it have seen on average a 38% year-over-year increase in in-store sales. This is a testament to the effectiveness of the company’s solutions. Now, would you ride the trend with CRTO stock while it remains bullish? 

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Facebook, Inc

Lastly, we have the social media giant that needs no introduction, Facebook. The company’s products include Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Oculus. Well, what better platform to advertise than the world’s largest social media platform. According to Facebook, more than 74% of people surveyed said they use Facebook platforms to discover brands or products online, compared to 41% who discover via brand websites. 

Furthermore, 86% of people surveyed purchased the product they first discovered on its platforms. Instagram is adding new shopping tools, which allows people to search for products using an image. This comes as Facebook expands e-commerce offerings across its various apps. Therefore, a user can click on an image they see on Instagram and Facebook will direct them to similar-looking products for sale. This will roll out later this year in the U.S. 

It doesn’t stop here, Instagram will also make it easier for some companies to offer AR-powered try-on. People can see how products such as makeup and shoes look on their actual bodies and faces. It also announced that there will be an addition of virtual shops to WhatsApp and Marketplace. Given all these exciting developments around the company, would FB stock not be one of the top advertising stocks in the stock market today?  

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