Google’s Love Language: SEO For Your Brand

According to Rachel Kennedy, learning to speak Google’s love language and increasing visibility for your content is an art. To help you achieve this goal, she presents simple yet effective tips to connect with the algorithm on her website and social media accounts. The Kennedy Curate, her digital media platform, is a wealth of information for millennial women. While some content focuses on lifestyle and empowerment, much of it leans into the business side of things, with a focus on helping you optimize your brand. 

One of the first things The Kennedy Curate urges you to remember is that optimizing your content for the reader is different from optimizing it for a search engine. To truly target both, you must think about search intent and user experience, all the way from clickthrough rate (CTR) and referring traffic, to the piece of content itself. 

Sharing Is Caring

Like a love language, SEO operates by certain preferences and you must learn these preferences and determine how to connect your content to your ideal readers and their desires. “Start by thinking about what type of language they look for and use. Keep in mind that most content rankings are over two years old, with plenty of shares. As a piece of media gathers shares, the algorithm begins to view it as an authoritative piece of content. As such, its placement in the ranking only rises,” explains Kennedy. 

Audience Matters

Although SEO may have certain general preferences, it is also specific to each relationship. The way that you utilize it will be different as a mother of three than as a female entrepreneur. Regardless of who you are, your target audience has to be at the forefront of how you structure your content and fit into the algorithm. 

Content must be value-driven. Why should your audience use your product or service? To make this value even more evident, use infographics of tutorials. “When your reader forms a connection to the content, whether through appreciation for an offer you made or recognition of value, you have established authority and trust. These two qualities are indispensable to any brand.” notes Kennedy.

Organic Traffic Is Queen

SEO is also a great way to achieve organic traffic. Yes, you should be advertising on your own and getting all your friends to read and watch your content. But SEO can help you generate income as you sleep. “Think of the algorithm as the connective tissue in your body, and your content as an organ. Without the tissue, which supports and separates your organs, it would be impossible for your reader to make it to the content.” explains Kennedy. 

Create The Most Valuable Content Possible

“Think about every piece of content that exists online,” says Kennedy. “There are billions of pages of content. The majority of this content is hardly ever seen by a single person. But in the same vein, all of the tips about SEO are useless if your reader does not ultimately like your content. So, you should always prioritize your reader, and then the algorithm. Create the most valuable content to answer the most possible questions.” 

Bonus Tips

Kennedy also has some specific tips that she gives to all her clients. For articles, 1200-1800 words is Google’s sweet spot. “Always place a linktree link in your instagram bio and link your top three highest performing content pieces. SEO will feed into this. Make sure you are consistently posting links on social media, from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest to Tiktok,” Kennedy shares. “Answer questions and comments on posts to engage with your audience. As well, it can be valuable to reach out to people in a similar niche and have links to your articles placed in their blogs. To find content, you can utilize a host of different websites, including, buzzsumo, semrush, google trends, and, where you can freely view what the most popular topics have been over the last few months.” 

Ultimately, the most important takeaway from a value standpoint is the message you are trying to convey. Figure out what that message is and who you want to see it, and you’ve already achieved more than half of the battle.