October 4, 2022


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How to measure the quality of link building the right way?

How to Identify Site Quality for Link Building

Although 30 years have flown by since the advent of this internet, many people still think that link building has nothing to do with quality. They think that all that is required is to publish links and they are done for the launch to the top of SERP. No! It is not so anymore! If you too think the same way, leave this digital world. One does not only need to have links, but high quality genuine links. These links should pass many scales before helping a domain. We spoke to experts from https://digitalwhitelabels.com/ about it and took tips about how to check the quality of your backlinks. Digital White Labels is one of the best link building company in USA and here is what you need to do to improve your backlink game.

How to check the quality of backlinks or link building for SEO?

Links are like neurons of the internet, and the internet is like a giant digital brain. These links help connect different related areas of the internet and thus provide better reach. But then comes the question of quality. Why?

Why should link building be of good quality?

Back when Google was invented, it had a revolutionary idea to rank websites based on the amount of links they had. But people have the habit of manipulating everything they can get their hand on. And this started the brutal trend of link farming and link spamming. People started to buy websites in big numbers and then started linking those to their main website. There were cheap link building companies that were selling hundreds of links in bulk at 5-10 USD. And it created a mess on the internet. This led to Google thinking about ways to deal with this all and the answer came in the form of its various updates, Penguin being the main.

The reason why backlinks should be of quality is simply based on real life psychology. We look towards famous personalities and experts when we need help. And how does one reach the top of hierarchy? By a blend of knowledge and networking. But what if we people buy 100 people and tell them to praise them in public? This is what we call fraud in the real world. This same happens when people try to manipulate Google and other search engines to get a higher ranking on SERP. This is why it is recommended to seek only professional link building companies. Digital White Labels is one of the best link building company in USA.

So, how can you check the quality of your links?

The right procedure to check the quality of backlinks.

Now, it comes to what you must do to preserve the quality of your link building. To remove the spam links that are trying to put the image of your domain down must be removed. Now, you must be thinking that you have not bought any spam link then why you need to worry! True! But not the complete truth. This is a brutal world and here competitors, too, try to defile the image of other competitors. How? We call this Negative SEO.

What is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO is a tactic where a competitor usually buys hundreds of bulk links, which are spam, and then directs them to the targeted domain. Now, Google does not know if you yourself have bought hundreds of links to get high in SERP or is it the competitor. So, it simply gives warnings and brings down the affected domain on SERP.

What you can do here is that you can use the Google Disavow Tool and submit a file in the required format and then Google will never consider those links. If you fear these technical things then we suggest you go for an expert agency like https://digitalwhitelabels.com/.

So, here is how you would want to check the quality of your backlinks and thus help your domain.

1 – The first step is to do a link audit!

So, what is link audit? It is just like another audit and checks if all the inbound and outbound links follow proper guidelines. You can use any tool to do a link audit and see what links are spam and what links are not! There are paid tools offered by companies like Moz and Ahrefs etc. There are free tools provided by Google but they require some effort and you would have to do things manually.

Once you find the links that it says have poor quality, you need to get rid of them. So, what are poor quality links?

The quality of links get decided by several factors. For example, it will see the authority of the domain. Google calls it PageRank and the higher the PageRank of a domain, the more link juice it will pass to you, and the more you’ll get help in SERP. Moz and Ahrefs have another criteria called DA and PA score. When buying links for your domain, make sure that they are having higher DA and PA scores. Although these links with higher DA PA scores might cost you some money. We suggest you reach the best good link building in USA or around to offer you the expertise.

2 – Have links from domains that might convert!

What does it mean? There is no use buying links from a website about kitchen if your website deals in beauty products, unless you want to eat face cream or hair gel. What you must do is that you need to buy links from the same niche where possible. Why? Because it will lead to more visitors on your website and they might get converted into buyers too. For example, if you deal in beauty products, it is good to have links coming from a website that is about body care tips. People might really buy your products. Like, really!

Furthermore, when people love a website, they scroll through different areas. This way, they might scroll into an article worth sharing and thus share it. It will help in natural link building, which is the best of all.

3 – Treat the broken links!

Spam links alone are not the problem that you need to deal with in case of link building. Many times links fall futile. They get broken due to many issues. If there are broken links, you need to get rid of those too. It will help you have a clean image of your domain.

Against the common belief of many that link building is going to die in future, it is going to get more stronger. This means that there is no chance you’d be able to make your way to the top without taking professional help. We suggest you get some help from a good SEO and link building company. Consider https://digitalwhitelabels.com/ – Digital White Labels is one of the best link building company in USA and its experts have been helping all for years till.

And at last, treat your links the way you treat your relations in real life. Let them be clean and strong.