Modern requirements for a good business website: Latest Trends

Modern requirements for a good business website: Latest Trends

Ecommerce has heated up significantly during the pandemic. As we know, humans are creatures of habit and that means that new long-term trends have found support in the short run. The business website is a form of advertising that allows potential clients and customers to learn more about your company and products or services that are on offer. Certain elements and considerations need to go into website design to help produce better results and better conversion. We take a closer look at some of those crucial elements which the modern world requires us to consider. 

Domain Name

The domain name should make a good impression for usability purposes as well as SEO. When deciding on a domain name keep in mind it should be easy to spell and preferably kept short. Make the address broad in order to accommodate for future growth. is a great example here. This broad name allows the company to sell pretty much anything related to consumer goods. Contrast this with that can only sell gloves by virtue of its name and it becomes quite apparent why name selection is so important. Using a name generator will help in this process as these tools often can indicate whether a name is available or not. 

Shared Server, Dedicated Server or VPS

A website host is a company that offers the services necessary for a website to be viewable on the internet. Hosting services come with varying price tags. Shared server plans are the cheapest option, but they come with some risk. Shared hosting entails sharing a server and its resources with other customers, which can impact the performance of your site. It poses a cybersecurity risk as it is possible for your website to become infected should another customer on the shared server be hacked. 

Dedicated server hosting plans can be pricey, but would help the business website perform optimally as resources are not shared with others. It is more secure than the shared hosting plan, although the price tag may be off-putting for small businesses. 

Virtual private servers (VPS) can be a great compromise. The VPS is a single machine that is partitioned. This allows it to act as multiple machines. This flexibility blends the key benefits from shared server hosting and dedicated server hosting together: affordability without extra security risk. VPS has similar performance potential as dedicated server hosting plans. 

Prominently Display Business Description

Ensuring that your homepage banner and subsequent banners are visual representations of your services, along with an introduction near the top of the page, goes a long way to let visitors and potential customers know who you are. The main and footer navigation menus should have “About Us” links that are easily accessible and allow interested parties to learn about the business entity in depth. 

Make use of CMS to help maintain your site. Content management systems (CMS) is a program or application that is used to manage and create digital content. Bear in mind that the content management system you select should be designed for your unique business needs and is user-friendly. 

eCommerce Platform

Website builders planning on selling goods or services through the business website need consider which platform would be best suited for the selected business model. An ecommerce site like Shopify is cloud-based and allows the user to customize an online store, manage products, inventory, payments and shipping. Unlike some other ecommerce platforms that are WordPress extensions, Shopify is a standalone platform hosted on a separate server. Contrast this to WooCommerce which is designed to turn WordPress into an online store. Much like WordPress, there are many plugins available and this platform is extremely flexible, but one will most likely need to employ the help of a WordPress developer to utilize the full capabilities. 

Optimize for SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) helps to ensure that your business website can be found by internet users. Website design and content heavily influence how high your website will rank in search engine result pages. Effective SEO includes keyword research, optimal website code, fast loading speeds and having an SSL certificate installed among other things. Having a mobile-friendly site and the existence of high-quality backlinks greatly helps with SEO. 

Companies like TRUiC went far to deploy AI-Powered tools (like their logo maker, business name generator etc.)  to support businesses. Designing and developing a website for your business entity can be a fun experience. Not only does one have the opportunity to firmly put your company on the digital map, but you also have the opportunity to create a lasting impression on visitors and customers.