Park Bo Young, Seo In Guk, Lee Soo Hyuk, And More Share Closing Comments On “Doom At Your Service”

The cast of tvN’s “Doom at Your Service” has shared their final thoughts on the drama.

The fantasy romance is about an ordinary woman named Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young), who calls for ruin (myulmang) upon the world when she finds out she only has 100 days to live. Instead she gets Myul Mang (Seo In Guk), the mysterious god of death and destruction, who offers her a dangerous contract.

Park Bo Young impressed viewers once again with her portrayal of Tak Dong Kyung, who falls in love with a supernatural being and learns true happiness through him. The actress said, “I’m really sad that it’s time to let go of Tak Dong Kyung. It’s even sadder to say goodbye to the drama because the set was filled with happiness. ‘Doom at Your Service’ is a project that gave me time to ask myself about the meaning and direction of life. I hope it will remain as a meaningful drama for many people. I would like to sincerely thank the viewers for watching the story of Tak Dong Kyung who meets Myul Mang who came through her front door one day.”

Seo In Guk, who captivated viewers with his versatile charms as Myul Mang, commented, “We filmed for about six months from the first shooting, and when I look back, there were only happy memories. I learned a lot, I was so happy, and I was loved a lot, so I feel sad to say good-bye to ‘Doom at Your Service’ and I will think about it a lot. I’d like to thank everyone who gave me good memories and the viewers who supported and loved Tak Dong Kyung and Myul Mang. Thanks to the viewers, I was very happy. I wish you all happiness.”

Lee Soo Hyuk made hearts flutter with his role as Cha Joo Ik, Tak Dong Kyung’s co-worker at the editing office of a web novel publishing company called Life Story and Na Ji Na’s (Shin Do Hyun’s) love interest. He thanked viewers who watched ‘Doom at Your Service’ and added, “I am grateful to the director, writer, and all the crew members for making Cha Joo Ik an attractive character. I was happy to take the role of Cha Joo Ik.”

Kang Tae Oh, who played Na Ji Na’s first love Lee Hyun Kyu, said, “I think every moment I filmed with good people in a good place will be remembered as a good memory. I was also happy to support the growth of the clumsy and young Lee Hyun Kyu. I’d like to thank the viewers, director, writer, staff members, and actors for watching Lee Hyun Kyu with me.”

Shin Do Hyun charmed viewers with her “girl crush” charms as Na Ji Na. She commented, “I still remember the excitement and nervousness I felt when I filmed with Park Bo Young unnie for the first time in the cold weather, but it’s already the end. I sincerely thank the viewers for being with me through the process of Na Ji Na’s growth and watching my shortcomings with a generous heart. It was an honor to play Na Ji Na. I will continue to be a good actress who can repay the viewers, director, writer, senior actors, fellow actors, and everyone who participated in the drama. I hope ‘Doom at Your Service’ answered some of the questions about life that you think about from time to time. Please always stay physically and emotionally healthy! Thank you!”

The final episode of “Doom at Your Service” will air on June 29 at 9 p.m. KST.

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