Recovering Lost Photos From a Kodak EasyShare C140 Camera

Kodak EasyShare C140 has become a hot favorite among photographers due to its amazing features and shooting capabilities. Featuring automatic uploading to YouTube, CCD type sensor, SD/SDHC external card storage, 16 MB of high internal memory, and a list of similar characteristics, Kodak EasyShare C140 is certainly an attractive digital photography tool. No doubt, shooting beautiful moments is easy with EasyShare technology of Kodak C140, but losing these pictures is also likely. Still JPEG images and/or MPEG or QuickTime type videos can be deleted by mistake or lost due to corruption in media card. Are you a Kodak EasyShare C140 owner? If yes, then back up your memories! Photos once lost can be either restored from a backup or alternatively, using a Digital Photo Recovery product.

Here are some symptoms that a corrupted SD/SDHC memory card may show in Kodak EasyShare C140 camera:

Kodak EasyShare C140 camera fails to recognize inserted memory card and show an error:

“Memory card could not be recognized”

The camera freezes on inserting the SD/SDHC memory card

Corruption in SD/SDHC card is mostly the result of an interrupted read/write operation. For example, if the card is ejected when a file is being transferred from computer to the card. Another causes can be using the SD/SDHC card in different devices or shooting photos when the batteries of camera are conking out.

Apart from corruption, mistaken file deletion from internal memory or external card is also one of the major causes of digital data loss in cameras like, Kodak EasyShare C140 camera.

You can easily resolve the corruption issues by reformatting the internal memory or SD/SDHC card in Kodak EasyShare C140 camera. But what about the data? As mentioned earlier, restore it from backup or use a Picture Recovery Software.

A Digital Photo Recovery utility can scan a logically corrupted or reformatted digital storage media using effective scanning algorithms and restore lost files at a safe location on the disk. These are risk-free products and simple to use.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a feature-rich application that recovers and restores lost photos, sounds, images, and audios of almost all formats from a majority of storage media. The supported media are digital cameras, memory cards, CDs, DVDs, iPods, hard disks, and more. This Photo Recovery Software has two variants, one for Windows and the other for Mac operating systems.

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