Role of Technology in the Growth of Supply Chain Companies in India

In India, supply chains hold a great importance in every business, especially in start up firms as it involves the coordination of all the activities like delivery of products, transportation of goods, inventory management, etc. With the introduction of advanced technology, the supply chain companies have enhanced their exposure in India and have created an impact with their exquisite services and work management processes. There are several ways in which technology has aided the rapid spread of these firms.

Enhanced Connectivity

The advancement in the field of technology has enabled all the people involved in the supply chain to connect with each other despite distant locations. Also, they can easily share the important status of their work every now and then with their seniors or their employees who are responsible for keeping an eye on their activities. The instant reporting of work, updating of work status, etc, all has been possible with the introduction of technology and advanced software.

Easy Tracking of Shipments

In the past years, it was difficult to connect with the delivery boys or know the status of your deliveries. With the increasing demands of the clients, several software were developed to facilitate people in knowing where their orders are. In the era of technology, it is possible for the clients as well as the senior employees to track the status of shipments without much hassle. Also, the customers can save the records of these shipments for future reference and can complain anytime in case of late deliveries.

Monitoring Warehousing Activities

With the increasing rate of thefts and natural calamities, it is crucial to keep a careful eye on the expensive belongings kept inside the warehouses. Nowadays, there are numerous electronic gadgets like CCTV cameras, satellites, electronic alarms, etc, through which the supply chain companies in India can monitor the activities going on in their inventories round the clock. In case of any thefts, the alarms automatically send alert messages to the management and hence prevent the products from getting destroyed or taken away by the criminals.

Effective Promotion through Social Media

There are numerous social media websites today that are regularly accessed by virtual audience. Promoting a supply chain company through the social media platforms can not only spread awareness about your business but also generate heavy traffic on your websites ultimately enhancing your business and reach in the digital world.

Build Strong Links

Supply chain management is not just limited to logistics and warehousing. It also includes building connections with as many people as possible to develop a strong chain of your business and ensure timely delivery of all your services. Through various websites and social media platforms, supply chain companies can connect with many prominent people not only in India but also at a global level.

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