Seo In-Guk Says Park Bo-Young Is Perfect In ‘Doom At Your Service’

Entertainment giant CJ ENM recently held a press conference for the upcoming fantasy romance drama Doom at Your Service. The press conference featured the drama’s stars Park Bo-young, Seo In-guk, Lee Soo-hyuk, Kang Tae-oh and Shin Do-hyun, as well as the drama’s director Kwon Young-Il.

At the press conference, Park and Seo spoke about working together and the chemistry they shared on set. He described her as “perfect.”

“Bo-young and I share a lot of similarities in terms of the acting process and we put in our best effort, so we had much in common when it came to getting the things we wanted from each other,” said Seo. “It was like solving a puzzle to make this project. That’s why I think our chemistry is perfect.”

Park said that her fellow actors always help her do a better job and in the case of Doom At Your Service, Seo was a big help.

“In this drama Seo In-guk is a great actor,” said Park. “So, I think I got a bit of help from him making the work even better.”

In Doom At Your Service, Park plays Tak Dong-Kyung,  a woman who has so far lived an ordinary life without any ambitious goals. Having lost her parents at an early age, she learned not to expect much from life. But when she finds that she has only 100 days left to live, she wants to live her life to the fullest.

She somehow summons Myul Mang, a messenger between gods and humans. Myul Mang, played by Seo, is indifferent to human life and wishes the world would end, that is until he meets Dong-Kyung.

For Park the role offered something different from those she did in the past.

“In previous works, conventional romance dramas, I was the special character,” said Park. “But in this drama I play a very normal character and my partner plays the special character, so I think it’s quite different. Dong kyung takes on this journey to find her identity, so that’s the story I want to tell the audience. I don’t know how the result came out, but I worked really hard.”

Seo was attracted to his character  because of his complexity. Although Myul Mang is supposed to be charismatic and attractive, the director wanted him to focus on the sadness he carried within him, to bring out the sorrow that is associated with the character’s role in life.

“The character is not human, not god, somewhere in the middle, so it’s very tricky,” said Seo. “There are things the character hates, but the character has to do those tasks for the world to go on, for life to go on.”

When director Kwon and screenwriter Im Meari began talking about the project, they already had a sense of who they would cast, including Seo and Lee Soo-hyuk, whom Kwon had already worked with. 

“Two years ago I met with screenwriter Im to ta;l about this plotline and we started discussing who would be a good fit for the characters,” said Kwon. “We all picked these five actors. We unilaterally came to this agreement. I worked together with Lee Soo-hyuk and Seo In-guk in previous projects, so, of course, I had the highest confidence in their ability to act. Obviously, the other actors were busy with their schedules, so it took a while, but I want to express my gratitude that they took this job.”

Park and Seo always assumed they would work together one day. Seo has cameos in the dramas Abyss and Oh My Ghost, both of which Park appeared in, and they admired each other’s work. 

Seo In-Guk and Lee Soo-Hyuk worked together on the drama High School King of Savvy and the 2021 film Pipeline.

Director Kwon Young-il previously directed the dramas My Unfamiliar Family and Search: WWW. Park starred in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and appears in the film Concrete Utopia. Seo appeared in Shopaholic Louis and The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. Lee Soo-hyuk appeared in the dramas Born Again and Valid Love, while Kang Tae-oh was in the dramas Run On and Tale of Nokdu. Shin Do-hyun appeared in Memorials and Hospital Playlist.