Take Your E-Commerce Brand To the Next Level With the Help Of This SEO Expert

Keval Shah has established himself as a responsible and customer-oriented SEO expert who knows how to help businesses skyrocket their profits

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Keval Shah knows how to turn disheartening life situations to his advantage. Having dealt with prolonged psychological stress and multiple failures, Keval decided to leave everything behind and devote all of his time to realizing his dream of becoming a successful SEO specialist.

Today, Keval has established himself as a responsible and customer-oriented SEO expert who knows how to help businesses skyrocket their profits. Despite his age, he comes across as a seasoned business owner: Keval is the founder of Inbound Pursuit, an SEO agency that helps businesses grow their organic search traffic and revenue.

Considering that very few companies out there are well-versed in digital marketing, it is vital to choose one with a proven track record of success.

“Many have given up on SEO as a viable source of revenue only because various agencies run all of their clients through the same cookie-cutter strategy when SEO is something that needs to be personalized. An SEO strategy that works for one brand won’t necessarily work for another,” says Keval.

Why Opt for SEO?

The process of optimizing a website for search queries is more complex than setting up contextual ads. Internal SEO optimization is work that is carried out directly on the site and is associated with a change in its structure, content, and technical component. External optimization increases the site’s ranking by interacting with third-party sites such as Google.

The organic reach of followers for businesses using Facebook Ads has shrunk dramatically over time.

“When you look at the three flaws of Facebook Ads together—low-profit margins, inconsistencies in sales, and low conversion rates—you can see just how much you’re handicapping yourself by solely relying on paid traffic,” says Keval.

In contrast, search engine optimization has a long-term effect, providing your company with continuous growth, advantages and new market prospects.

“Don’t get me wrong. Facebook Ads are a fantastic way to drive sales for your e-commerce store, and you should use them. But they’re not without their flaws. One of their biggest flaws is that it reduces your profit margins. Facebook Ads require ad spend to run, meaning all sales come with a cost. That cost eats into the revenue generated, making sales that much less profitable,” he adds.

The benefits of SEO optimization for your business include long-term investment; a well-optimized website that can attract visitors for many years; when funding is terminated, your resource will continue to be in the top positions of the issuance; links without the “advertisement” mark in search results inspire more trust among users, resulting in more clicks; and the final cost of the transition is much lower than with Facebook Ads.

What Makes ‘Inbound Pursuit’ Different

The most seasoned SEO companies will take what they have learned from your site audit and industry analysis and develop a tailor-made plan for your site.

The best SEO companies treat your website like their own. This means they will endeavour to make smartest SEO decisions for your site to maximize your return on investment.

Competent SEO agencies like Inbound Pursuit offer full-service strategies designed to handle your SEO needs inside and out. Inbound Pursuit’s competent team will guide you through state-of-the-art SEO strategies and help you develop a plan aimed at the best results.