March 5, 2021


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the best smartphone recommended for you

the best smartphone recommended for you

Smartphones are indeed very fun and very attractive to use for various purposes such as calling, playing games, using the internet, and many more. If it is from a popular mobile brand, then it is too special for everyone. Apple is truly the best and top-rated brand providing an amazing series of smartphones in the electronics market.iPhone 12 pro max is the latest and unique apple phone model which has amazing specs and features which has now made ipone the top in the smartphone world as following.

 Battery life

The Apple iPhone 12 deals india is powered by a 3,678 mAh battery – it’s the largest cell among the new iPhones, but about 7% smaller than last year’s 11 Pro Max.

Your phone supports fast wired and wireless charging, if you purchase a compatible power adapter.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max did well on our battery test – it lasted around 14 hours while browsing the web, more than 15 hours while playing videos, and you can use it up to 21 hours of talk time, this makes the iPhone 12 pro max one of the smartphones high class which is very attractive to everyone who wants to have it.

Average standby performance for this size of battery and modem (Apple uses Qualcomm X55). Combining these results in our magic formula, we ended up with a pretty good endurance rating of 95 hours for the iPhone 12 Pro Max – about 7% lower than the 102 hours we got on the 11 Pro Max but still the best among iPhones this year.

Filling speed

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max supports fast battery charging via USB Power Delivery. Apple ships the 12 Pro Max without a charger, but you can choose the Apple 20W PD charger or any other 20W + USB-PD power adapter.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max supports ‘fast’ wireless charging of up to 15W but only when using a MagSafe charger. Other manufacturers already offer northern 40W wireless charging, but we guess 15W is fast in Apple terms. And if you choose a regular Qi-compatible charger, you’ll be limited to 5W-8W or more.

There are now many stores in the electronic market and online stores that sell these Apple products and you are free to choose which series you want in the iPhone 12 series features that suit your needs and preferences.